16 November 2015 (Monday) - A Day's Holiday

As well as having rostered days off I also have annual leave. Today I thought I'd use up a day's leave. If nothing else I needed the opportunity to take the car to the garage; the parking brake warning light keeps coming on ever since the people in the garage serviced the car a few weeks ago. The plan was to drive over and walk back with my dog. It was a plan I carried out; it was a shame about the rain. We got rather soaked on the way home. Once home the garage phoned to ask what the problem was...

I then had a crack at the ironing; that's what I do an an actual leave day. Whilst I ironed I waatched a film. I've been meaning to watch "Bend It Like Beckham" for years. I must admit I found it somewhat predictable, and when the garage phoned to say the car was ready (about two thirds of the way through) I gave up watching.

Me and "Furry Face TM" walked back to South Willesborough to get the car. The garage had fixed the problem and didn't charge us anything. Basically the manual release switch for the parking brake is on the blink; using it causes an alarm when it shouldn't. I can either have the thing replaced (for about £170) or not use it. I don't need to use it as the brake releases automatically and I've never actually used it for years. I only fiddled with it because I could. I shan't do so again.

By now the rain had stopped and the day was chirping up so I took Fudge over to Great Chart to finalise arrangements for the New Year walk. I acheived what I had planned to do, but despite the fact that the day had brightened up it was still *very* muddy. A little dog had to have a bath when we got home.

Pausing only briefly to watch an installment of "Upstairs Downstairs" I spent much of the afternoon updating twenty web pages for this New Year walk. Or that was what I told "er indoors TM" when she woke me up when she came home.
We had a bit of tea; she's gone bowling. An evening in front of the telly beckons...

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