26 November 2015 (Thursday) - The Fur Flew

For the last couple of years I've been sleeping with a CPAP macine blowing air up my nose. It keeps me asleep by ensuring I don't have quite so much trouble breathing whilst I am sparko. It has worked fine all the time I'm not sleeping for *that* long but I have noticed taht the longer I sleep so the harder it blows. The thing woke me shortly after 6am this morning when it was trying to inflate me like a balloon.
Perhaps it needs servicing?

I took "Furry Face TM" for his morning walk. Oh dear. Yesterday's passed off without event. Not so today. As we walked through Bowens Field he shot into a thicket. There was a *lot* of commotion and after a minute or so a huge dog came running out. I say "dog"; the animal looked to have been the love-child of a cart horse and a grizzly bear. This giant beast looked terrified of Fudge.
We then went round to Viccie Park where he got into a scrap with a very large fluffy Alsatian. I have heard the expression "the fur flew" used in relation to a fight; I had never actually seen it before. But this morning it actually happened. The fur really did fly. Not Fudge's, but the fur of the fluffy Alsatian. Mind you the nice lady with the Alsatian seemed to blame her dog entirely. I was pleased about that.
This is why he stays on the lead when we go on long walks at the weekends.

It was with something of a sense of releif that I came home and (having settled "Furry Face TM" ) set off to Canterbury a little earlier than I might have done. As I drove there was an article of the radio about the Salem witch trials. On the one hand it is amazing that so many people were killed because of crackpot religion. On the other hand it's not really surprising at all bearing in mind how religious crackpotism is clearly alive and well in the Middle East. Perhaps in three hundred years time they too might have grown out of that nonsense.

I got to Canterbury, found a geocache as a calendar-filler then treated myself to McBreakfast. As I queued for McBreakfast there was a gaggle of students (all apparently pissed as farts at 10am) arguing with the counter staff that they wanted Doritos.
I giggled a little as they tried to find the way out of the place.

I then spent a few minutes in the cheapo-bargains shop then went to work. And (as is so often the way when I'm on the late shift) the day was all but done by 11.30am.

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