6 November 2015 (Friday) - Wet Day Off

I've whinged about the bin men before. Today they excelled themselves. They actually did empty the recycling bin (because we'd left it blocking the pavement because they won't walk two steps into the front garden to get it). But having emptied it they then abandoned the thing on the pavement closest to where the bin lorry was at the time. Admittedly I only had a round trip of fifty yards to retrieve it but it was as well that "er indoors TM" had put lame daffodil stickers on it so I knew which one to fetch back.

I had intended to go out on a second recce for my planned New Year's walk today but the weather forecast had put me off. So instead I took "Furry Face TM" for a shortened walk.
About two months ago someone did one of my Wherigos and said the actual cache itself was in a sorry state. I never got the message, and only found out by chance a day or so ago. So I replaced it this morning, and having done so we carried on with our walk round to the park where we picked a fight with a staffie. You would think my dog would have learned his lesson from the last staffie who handed him his arse on a plate.

We got home just as the rain started, and as "er indoors TM" set off to work so I put some washing in to scrub. I then phoned the washing machine fixer people. Our washing machine has a dial from which you can select twenty or more programs. Now you can *select* them, but whatever you select, it just does a quick wash cycle.
The fix-it man is coming on Monday morning.
I then spent a little time working on my presentation for the next astro club meeting. It won't be as long as it might be but hopefully it will entertain the masses. I also tried to get in touch with the nice lady who does the bookings for the hall in which the astro club meets. (It's been decided that we should try to change the date of the December meeting). The nice lady wasn't in all day.

Seeing how the bin men had done their thing this morning and the bin was now empty, I then bleached the recycle bin; it had been getting a little bit whiffy. I also tried to do some hoovering but despite "angle-able head rollerball technology" I couldn't get it to work. It was as floppy as the neck of the pheasant that Fudge had the other week, and after a few minutes I gave up with the thing.

"Daddies Little Angel TM" and Fia arrived with the littlun and Sid. Chesse on toast was scoffed all round, then Fia went off. I then met Cheryl at the KFC and we brought home second lunch.
The girls then set about a mini tidy-up of the kitchen. That was nice of them. They also gave the hoover a once over. The thing was as dead as the pheasant that Fudge had the other week so we took it (and some rubbish) to the tip. We then collected Lacey from school; she stays late on Friday for German class.
I took the girls back to Cheryl's where we had coffee and Rolo expressed his love for Sid as only a boy dog can. It was at this point that I left the girls to it and came home,

I dozed through "Upstairs Downstairs", and then slept through episodes of Star Trek and Bug Bang Theory until "er indoors TM" finally came home. Apparently she's been driving "Daddies Little Angel TM" home. had I known I could have taken her home and saved three hours waiting around.
Bearing in mind I'm working the next two nights I wouldn't have minded going out and doing somthing this evening. Fireworks would have been a good choice, but the constant rain of the last two days rather put paid to that plan.
So instead I sulked...

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