11 November 2015 (Wednesday) - Cookie Monster

I was out for the count last night when suddenly (and for no good reason) "Furry Face TM" declared "Red Alert" at 3.33am. He flew round the house, barking like a thing possessed then took himself back to his basket and went to sleep as abruptly as he had woken.
As I scoffed my toast at brekkie time so my dog jumped onto the sofa, put his chin on my left hand and fell asleep looking absolutely worn out.
Did I ever mention that I never wanted a dog?

As I took said dog for his walk we saw that something had ripped open the dustbin bag in the front garden. Perhaps that was what had upset him in the night?
We were out for our walk a little earlier than usual this morning; loads of kiddies were on their way to school. Most of the smaller ones had nagging mothers in tow. I can't remember my mother ever whinging and griping as much as this lot seemed to be nagging this morning. Every single thing that every single child did was wrong.

Once home I tidied up the ripped bin bags and took them to the tip. I went via the YMCA charity shop; I'd gathered together a box of books that I hadn't read for years but were too good to throw away. I thought I'd give them to the YMCA as it it easier to park there than it is near to any other charity shop.
I certainly shan't take anything to the YMCA charity shop ever again. They were disinterested to the point of rudeness. It would have been churlish of me not to leave the books with them, but the old harridan on the counter made it clear that they were doing me a favour by taking the books from me.

I had a little while before work so I popped down to Folkestone to see the littlun. He seemed a little under the weather. Whilst there I got to see a new TV show; The Furchester Hotel. It features Elmo and Cookie Monster (of Sesame Street fame) running a hotel. In today's episode they had a visit from a very important porcupine. TV don't get better than that.

In a novel break with tradition I showed up at work today. Word is that there will be a vacancy for a senior position coming up at the labs at the Maidstone Hospital soon. I'm tempted to apply....

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