2 November 2015 (Monday) - Still Foggy

I can distinctly remember intending to feed grubby trousers into the washing machine last night, so I was rather surprised to see them laying where I left them this morning. So as I scoffed my toast and watched "Dad's Army" the washing machine did its thing with them.

Regular readers of this drivel may recall that over the last few months I put a lot of effort into putting out a series of geocaches around Bethersden. This morning I had an email telling me of a "Did Not Find" on one of the cache hides. Has it gone missing? For all that I enjoyed the setting up of the series I now have the ongoing mundane routine maintenance. Do I wait for someone else to go out and also be unable to find it (and effectively be wasting their time) or do I go out and find it is exactly where I left it (and be wasting my own time)?

"Furry Face TM" was itching to get outside this morning. Usually he needs to be actively turfed out; this morning he was pawing at the door. Naively assuming he was as desperate for a tiddle as I usually am, I let him outside. He flew into the darkness barking for all he was worth. I wish he wouldn't do that before 6am.
Mind you the neighbours on one side were already up with the baby, and the day the neighbours on the other side refrain from clanging their piano or from drunken ravings at all hours (or both) is the day I listen to any of their complaints about noise.

I then spent a few minutes trying to remember where I'd left the car. Eventually I fouind it some way down Christchurch Road; there had been nowhere closer after astro club on Friday night. At the time I'd intended to move the car closer during the weekend but never got round to it.

Once in the car I set off to work slowly. I'd allowed myself a little extra time to get to work this morning. Yesterday had been a day of thick fog, and today looked to be much the same. Unusual weather conditions have apparently blanketed the country in a thick fog which looks set to stay for a little while.
As I drove to work the radio spewed its usual stuff. Much of the world are squabbling. Much of the world does that. And those that aren't squabbling are apparently using phone apps to secure easy sex. This is apparently causing something of a mini-epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases and is a major cause for concern for those who have to deal with that sort of thing. To say nothing of those who wanted a cheap trill and have had their nasty turn green and fall off.

I got to work, did my bit despite feeling very tired all day, and came home through the dark. I don't like these dark evenings. Once home I ran "Furry Face TM" round the block then came home and fed my shirts and smalls to the washing machine.
"er indoors TM" came in, swore, and then took what she'd just bought back to the shop. Fish and chips made for a good bit of tea, then as "er indoors TM" went bowling so I started ironing my shirts whilst my undercrackers tumble dried.

And in closing there's going to be a new Star Trek series in a year or so...

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