10 November 2015 (Tuesday) - In The Mud

I slept like a log last night. Perhaps the night shifts had taken their toll. I woke just after 7am which for me is something of a lie-in. I got up, had a swift brekkie and checked the weather forecast. It wasn't good, but time was pressing; I really did need to firm up my plans for the New Year's Day walk which I'd offered to organise. So I popped the lead onto "Furry Face TM" and drove out to Great Chart.
I'd provsionally worked out a route in my mind and (would you beleive it) my plan pretty much worked. Unlike my Bethersden route (which needed some serious re-routing and several re-visits) today's walk went nearly one hundred percent as planned. There was one minor hiccup out near Daniel's Water where the landowner seems to have deliberately blocked off a footpath. But to their credit they have made all the other footpaths crystal clear with well marked signs.
As we walked we met horses and goats. "Furry Face TM" chased squirrels, rabbits and "f-birds" as best as he could whilst being on his lead. Mind you despite being on his lead he did get muddy.
We did do a little back-tracking as we walked; but we've got nineteen potential places in which to hide tupperware along a route of four miles. We walked for a shade over two hours which I am hoping will be just right for New Year's day.

I took a few photos whilst we were out. Once home (and dog bathed) I put them on-line. Perhaps I shouldn't have had KFC for lunch, but it was tasty. And with lunch scoffed I then did the geo-on-line-thing to see if the potential hides I came up with earlier were acceptable. They are now in the hands of the geo-feds. Here's hoping.
As I fiddled about on-line so the washing machine did its thing with some sheets. Last night when tumble drying it sounded as though it was chewing on sheet metal. Today it sounded fine. Perhaps it has a problem tumble-drying or perhaps it doesn't like my smalls?

It struck me that I could do with some more film pots so I wandered up into Ashford to get some. Whilst there I thought I'd go into the mobile phone shop and have a whinge. The signal I get with EE is generally frankly terrible if I'm not in an urban area. "er indoors TM" gets excellent signal with Vodafone in places where I get no signal at all. I've phoned and emailed the people at EE and been fobbed off with being told to take my phone to one of their shops to have it tested. So I went into the shop and stood and waited. After fifteen minutes of waiting I walked out. Ashford has two branches of EE so I went to the second branch where I again stood and waited for another fifteen minutes before walking out again.
Mind you the milk shake shop was open (for once) so I treated myself to a battenburg milk shake. Not too shabby at all (!) It was a *real* battenburg milk shake. I watched them make it. They chucked two large lumps of battenburg cake into a mixer with ice cream and milk and mashed it up before my eyes. They make milk shakes out of pretty much anything. I've had shakes from black forest gateaux, bakewell tarts and even werther's originals in the past.

"er indoors TM" phoned. She was going off candlemongering this evening. Did I fancy some KFC if she brought it home for a quick bit of tea? KFC twice in one day? Can't be bad. However I didn't tell her I'd had KFC for lunch. She will find out by reading it here.
And with "er indoors TM" off candlemongering I was left "home alone" with my dog. Usually on Tuesdays the clans gather but today people seemed to be busy.

I'm going to spend the evening staring at the telly and hoping that this KFC-induced guts ache subsides soon...

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