27 November 2015 (Friday) - Sigh...

Having been woken at 2am by a CPAP machine which was trying to inflate me to bursting point I spent a few minutes fiddling with its controls. It seems to have calmed down a little.
I was still up and about before 6am though. "Furry Face TM" went mental round the garden for a little, and then over brekkie I watched last night's episode of "Detectorists". This show has come up in conversation so many times recently. For a gentle nondescript show it seems to be something that everyone is quietly watching.
I then had a little look-see on-line. Last night I saw that the Ashford Herald had published the news that the local council was in negotiations about building a new observatory. Bearing in mind the Ashford Herald has a reputation for not quite getting it right I took what they said with a pinch of salt. It did occur to me that they seemed to know about as much as I did and probably found out at about the same time as I did.
I'd suggested that the astro club might like to cancel the talk I was due to give tonight in favour of a discussion on the new observatory but my thinly veiled ruse of getting out of having to turn up tonight failed.

As I drove to work that idiot Jeremy Corbym was in the news. He's apparently all against bombing the IS murderers because doing so goes against their inalieanable human rights to murder (or some other politically correct claptrap). Apparently several of his front-bench shadow cabinet chums are now publically disagreeing with him, and finally there are now calls for him to resign. Surely it is quite plain to everyone that he was put in place by a Tory plot to trash the Labour party. No sane person would want to go back to the stupidity of what passed for socialism in the 1980s.
There was also a lot of fuss made on the radio about the so-called "Black Friday" sales that are happening today. Many stores in the UK are copying the US tradition of having major sales on the day after Thanksgiving. But it doesn't seem to be universally welcomed. There was consternation in Scotland when one branch of Tesco turned away people not wanting to buy sale stuff.
And apparently having first brought the entire "Black Friday" thing to the UK, Asda seems to have completely abandoned the idea.

I got to work and did that which I couldn't avoid. As the day went on so I had some bad news. The father of my grandson has been run over. He was knocked off his motorbike by a stupid woman who drove through a red light. His foot is broken; his bike is a write-off. At least the driver has admitted responsibility.

With work done I went for some McScoff with Jimbo, Stevey and "er indoors TM". From there it was on to astro club.
There's no denying I didn't want to go tonight. I've really enjoyed it for some years but over the last year I've not been feeling welcome there. There's a few people there who've decided they absolutely hate me and make a point of publically blanking me. On more than one occassion I've been chatting with people and these "delightful folk" have just barged into the conversation as though I wasn't there. On one occassion making a point of standing in front of me with their back to me.
I *really* wasn't looking forward to their antics tonight.
Fortunately not one of them was there this evening and I actually had a surprisingly good time. I went along having actually decided that this would be the last time; I'd even written a resignation letter. But I came away thinking I might give it another chance. Why should they spoil it for me?

Following on from which... this morning I saw a little joke on Facebook which poked fun at the rampant politically correct aggressive (frankly nasty) feminist attitude which has brought me to the brink of leaving the astro club. So I re-posted it.
It's caused offence....

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