22 November 2015 (Sunday) - Brenchley

My stomach wasn't right last night. I hoped a good night's sleep might help. It didn't. Between "Furry Face TM" woofing and "er indoors TM" snoring I farted through every hour of the night.
I say "farted"; it was more akin to a transimittion in morse code.

Over brekkie I had a look-see on line. Last night in the restaurant I saw Mr Stephen Crowhurst. For those of my loyal readers who have never encountered the fellow he is a local tradesman who we once employed to do our loft conversion. To cut a very long story short he did about half of a rather shoddy job then just walked away, costing us thosands of pounds to put right. (Needless to say "the proper channels" were of no help to us). There is no denying I contemplated going up to him and giving him a slap, but realistically what would that acheive? It is a well-established point of law that people are legally permitted to defraud others.
This morning I looked him up on the Internet. Despite (supposedly) having gone bankrupt the chap is still operating a loft conversion business and a plastering business too.
Isn't private enterprise a wonderful concept. Caveat emptor !

With brekkie scoffed we rallied the troops and set off for the Sunday geo-wander; today to Brenchley. It is in the vague direction of Tonbridge - I didn't know where it was either. Eleven of us (and four dogs) had a rather good walk of some seven and a half miles. The day started rather cold, but the sun came out and it brightened up. As we walked dogs chased squirrels, woodpeckers flew about, sheep were inquisitive and we even saw birds of prey being flown. There was beautiful scenery, a disused glof course, and there was even an impromptu chorus of "Into the Valley" (originally performed by the Skids) as we walked into the valley.
There's no denying the mud was quite slippery in places but it was a good walk; it sums up why I like this silly hunting tupperware game. Again it took me somewhere beautiful where I wouldn't otherwise have gone.
In fact the day was only marred by my ongoing guts-ache. I *really* shouldn't have pigged out at last night's all-you-can-eat buffet.

Geocaching-wise this walk rather demonstrated a point I've been trying (and failing) to make for some time. As we walked around some twenty-odd cache hides we found ourselves solving a field puzzle. We found several today, but one of them involved our having to back-track for a couple of hundred yards. Not a major problem; it was actually a good puzzle, and a good hide, but in the weeks and months to come whenever anyone asks about the Brenchley walk we will remember it as "that one where we had to back-track".
Now the cache which involved the back-tracking *wasn't* put out by the chap who put out all the other caches. But it is the one over which he has no control which is the one which will be remembered about his walk.
I've been asked to run my new series in the general direction of pre-existing caches. I don't want to do so for this very reason. If people are going to remember a walk I've set out I would like it to be because of what *I've* done or not done.

After the walk we felt we deserved a glass of weak shandy. But the two pubs in Brenchley had both closed down. So we drove down the road for two minutes to the Halfway House. What a find! - it is the sort of place that you would probably drive straight past without giving it a second thought. But they had eleven ales on; all poured straight from the barrel. Family-friendly and dog-friendly, and although we didn't eat there the food looked rather tasty.
We were good; we only stayed for two pints. I could have stayed longer.

On the way home we stopped off at "My Boy TM" to drop off a car seat. As always I took a few photos today. After a rather good bit of tea I posted them on-line. "er indoors TM" set off bowling and I had a look-see on the Internet...
My stomach is still every bit as iffy as when I woke up. An early night might be a good idea...

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