15 November 2015 (Sunday) - Cranbrook

Last night as I was waiting for "er indoors TM" to finish her tiddle I was channel-hopping on the telly and I found a wonderful program on the Discovery Channel. You can watch the show on You-Tube if you want. It is worth watching if only to see how the program-makers go from "vaguely possible" to "stark nonsense" in a matter of seconds but in such a way that you don't actually notice the transition.
The basic premise of the show was that aliens have established one or more bases on our Moon to mine the helium-3; and that the Apollo missions stopped because the aliens told NASA to clear off. Several obviously falsified photos were offered up in support of these claims, and Buzz Aldrin's denial of having ever met an alien was offered as conclusive proof that there was an alien base on the Moon. If there wasn't why would he deny it?
Over brekkie a quick Google search on the matter revealed a difference of opinion on the on the part of those who beleive in such stark staring nonsense. Some theories hold that the mining is still going on, other theories suggest that this mining was something that happened a long time ago and NASA has since nuked the mining sites to hide the evidence. Also only about half the nutcases beleived every word of the alien mining/bombing conspiracy; the other half maintained the Moon landings were all faked.
These people are allowed to vote you know. Have I ever mentioned that I don't beleive in democracy?

We collected Fudge's friend Suzy (and her entourage) and after a quick diversion to a church near Smarden (for geo-reasons) we made our way to Cranbrook where we met up with friends. Eleven of us (and two small dogs) then spent the morning wandering the countryside to the south of Cranbrook in search of elusive sandwich boxes. We came into Cranbrook itself for lunch; we found a rather nice beer garden and washed our sandwiches down with a pint of ale. And then we walked northwards to see what the geo-hunting was like round there.
We didn't hang around; time spent talking in a field was time spent wasting VDT (valuable drinking time), and I learned the difference between "ground" and "floor". For those of my loyal readers who've never realised the distinction, one is indoors and one isnt. We also found "Quaker Lane" and had a minor difference of opinion as to how it was pronounced. All I shall say on the matter is to ask if any of my loyal readers have ever experienced an earth-quack.

As we walked we were passing some puzzle caches that I'd solved previously; there was one that has taken me about two years to solve; I was rather disappointed it find it wasn't there. However it was the only one we didn't find. We did find thirty other caches as we walked.

The vague plan had us going west (after north) if time allowed. Unfortunately it didn't. The light was failing by the time we'd completed the northern circuit so we made our way back to the cars, said our goodbyes and set off on our various ways home.

I'd taken a few photos whilst we walked. Once home and my dog (and me) was bathed I put the photos on-line. As I did so "er indoors TM" voomed round with the new Hoover. Apparently the cable isn't as long as the one on the old one was. I formed the distinct impression this was somehow my fault. And the thing fills up quicker with much finer dust than the old one ever did. Again something which would seem to be my fault. I apologised for both failings which seemed to go some way to placate her. There was a minor hiccup when after taking it all apart to empty the thing when it wouldn't go back together again. But after half an hour's struggling (and reading the instructions) she finally sorted it out. I hope.

With "er indoors TM" off bowling I set the washing machine loose on some towels and my undercrackers and looked at my calendar for the next few weekends. It seems there's rarely a dull moment in my life.

I then checked emails; the geo-feds have given my the thumbs-up for my plans around Great Chart. So now I can now go ahead and start putting in some proper work on the planned geo-series. I thought about doing so, but instead I sat with my dog and watched fan-made episodes of Star Trek whilst my dog slept.
He seems worn out after today's walk. As "Furry Face TM" snored I dobbed his monthly flea treatment onto his neck. He didn't even notice...

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