20 November 2015 (Friday) - Cold

Another night spent semi-consciously shivering having escaped from the duvet. I finally woke enough to cover myself about half an hour before I needed to get up.
Once abluted I was surprised to see my little dog anxious to get outside. He flew round the garden as if chasing something then havinig worn himself out he helped me with my toast before taking himself back to bed. As I scoffed those bits of toast he allowed me I watched this week's episode of "detectorists"; a gentle comedy that I quite like.

I then checked out the Internet. As I started to smurf I got an "Update Java" prompt. Whilst I'm all for updating Java I do think it is rather cheeky that you need to be very careful to make sure the thing doesn't change all your internet settings for you. Whilst the nice people at Java might think settinmg Yahoo to be my home page is a good idea, I'd rather make the choice for myself.

As I drove to work the pundits on the radio were expressing surprise that it's been confirmed that the terrorists who had committed the atrocities in Paris last week had got into Europe hidden amongst the thousands of recent refugees; and once in Europe had then had free rein to go wherever they fancied.
Apparently there is a high-level meeting of European leaders today to review the open borders policy. Despite the fact that this has demonstrably helped the terrorists, European leaders seem determined to keep the policy. I would have thought that any such open borders policy was clearly going to work in the favour of those who want to avoid detection (for whatever reason). But apparently not having such a policy goes against the "fundamental right of freedom of movement".
Perhaps those who make such policies might realise that a "fundamental right of freedom of movement" is actually a rather silly thing to have. But what do I know...

I stopped off at Morrisons (who now have their Christmas tree up), did a little shopping then phoned Lacey to wish her a happy birthday. I got to work for the early shift and did my bit. One of the trainees was doing her homework today (or do she said) I tried to take a moral stance; there is a fine line between "biology diagrams" and "nudey pictures".

I'd arranged an early finish for today so's I could get to the astro club's presentation to the punters at Downe House; English Heritage was charging then fifteen quid each for us to witter on about the stars and space and stuff. We actually had cllear skies to do the telescope thing, but it was *so* cold. After an hour of shivvering whilst people queued to look at the moon we went inside and we then gave them a few shows and talks and things. They seemed to lap it up; punters usually do.
Mind you in retrospect I'm not sure why I went along. I don't think I actually contributed anything to the event, I shivered in the cold, slept through the talks and (in all honesty) I can't help but wonder if would have been better spending the evening with my granddaughter. ..

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