27 July 2015 (Monday) - Busy, Busy

I got up a little earlier than I might have this morning. I was worried about "Furry Face TM"; he had been so subdued and quiet last night. After we came home from a rather wet walk yesterday afternoon he took himself to his basket and didn't move from there from about 3.30pm through to bed time. I took him out to the garden for the sort of thing for which dogs go into gardens, but he just went straight back to his basket. This morning he still seemed quiet but when I opened the curtains he climbed onto the back of the sofa and started guarding the house. Something of a result...

I set the washing machine going, and I had brekkie whilst checking out the Internet. Not a lot was going on really. I had posted on the Facebook "Geocaching in Kent" page to see if anyone fancied a stroll today, but the thread had been somewhat taken over by someone who was making plans to do a walk I'd already done. I've put up plans for two more walks thhis week; here's hoping.

I then put washing out on the line to dry and took my dog for a walk; he'd perked up quite a bit.
I'd had reports that some of my geo-hides in the Newtown area needed a little TLC. One was entirely missing; one was absolutely fine. We came home via the vets from where I got more flea treatment stuff for "Furry Face TM". I also got him weighed; he's lost half a kilogramme since his last weigh-in.

Once home "Furry Face TM" had his teeth brushed. He diddn't like that very much. And as he chomped on the bone I'd got him for his brekkie I took the top box off of my car and put it away. It would have been easier if I had some help, but I managed. I then emptied out one of the garden storage boxes. I found a whole gazebo I never knew we had, and I found a whole load of tent fragments which I took to the skip together with loads of other assorted rubbish. I was amazed at just how quick I gathered together a car load of stuff for the skip.
By now the seccond wash load was finished so I hung that out and had a spot of lunch whilst watching "The Last Ship". I liked the first season but the second season doesn't really seem to be quite as good.
The trouble wiih post-apocalyptic fiction is that the whole premise is that most of humanity has died; and it doesn't help that having a military theme our heroes have a propensity to keep blowing everyone else away. And so to keep the show going the writers have to keep producing more and more baddies seemingly out of thin air. It is now beginning to stretch credibility just a little.

A day's holiday isn't complete without ironing, and bearing in mind how long it is since I last did any I then spent about three hours ironing like a thing possessed. As I ironed I watched a film. "St Elmo's Fire" is supposed to be iconic. I thought it just dragged on too much.
I then got the last of the stuff from the weekend's garden party put away. Or that was my plan. The gazebo poles were full of rain water, so I've had to leave the poles out to drain overnight.

By the time "Upstairs Downstairs" came on I was feeling as though I needed a break. I thought I'd rerward myself with a cup of coffee and a Belgian bun. After fifteen minutes of searching it turned out that "er indoors TM" had scoffed the bun for her brekkie.

By the time "er indoors TM" got home from work I was feeling quite worn out. We had burgers for tea; there's a few of those to be eaten up. "er indoors TM" is off bowling now. She don't know about the chocloate eclairs I found in the fridge...

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