17 July 2015 (Friday) - Wherigo-ing Round Tonbridge

Last night just before I went to kip "er indoors TM" was watching the (so-called) comedian Sarah Millican. I've seen her on the telly before but never really paid much attention. I did last night. She seemed (like so many comedians) to have abandoned actually being funny in favour of crudity and excessive swearing. Having been subscribing to Viz magazine for well over ten years I can hardly claim any moral high ground, but (to my mind) there is a *lot* more to comedy than just shouting the F-word continually.
I whinged about this on Facebook and went to sleep. I got up this morning to find that overnight a lot of people had agreed with me. That's rather unusual - I'm normally in a minority of one.

I had a quick brekkie then had a little look-see at the tent I'd left on the washing line overnight. It was still wringing wet. I spread it out some more then spread out the next tent to dry on the patio area. Camping is all very well all the time tents go away dry.
I popped the collar and lead onto "Furry Face TM" and we then went for a little outing. On Tuesday I did a Wherigo geocache and quite liked it. I fancied having a go at another so I asked on the "Geocaching in Kent" Facebook page to see if anyone else was up for one. Wherigos are something of an acquired taste, but two of us (and my dog) had a little wander round Tonbridge answering questions and finding clues until we were rewarded with the secret location of our prize. We made our way to.... I won't say where it was but I will say the area was fenced off with building works. We had a clue; we knew where we should be. We could see where we should be but barriers prevented our getting there. Fortunately "Furry Face TM" saved the day. Or (to be precise) he would have done had anyone cut up awkward wanting to know why we were the other side of a "Keep Out" sign. I took the line that no one was looking as we went in, and if anyone caught us red-handed I would say I was just retrieving an errant Patagonian Tripe-Hound.
As it happened no one saw us at all and we got thee find and the happy dance.

We then had a little geo-wander round Tonbridge before saying our goodbyes and making our ways home. Like a twit I completely forgot the motorway was closed and got tangled in a queue of "Operation Stack" traffic at Maidstone before taking a rather circuitous trip home via Headcorn and Pluckley. (For those of my loyal readers who aren't familiar with the area, going from Maidstone to Ashford via Headcorn is akin to going from London to Brighton via Birmingham)

Once (finally) home I saw the postman had been. Only one letter; addressed to one Andy Mills. There's no one of that name here and I've never heard of anyone of that name. Not knowing what else to do I opened the letter and saw it was Andy Mills' tickets to the Weald of Kent Steam Rally.
I then wasted half an hour trying to do the decent thing by this Andy Mills (whoever he is). The phone number listed on the tickets went straight to answer-phone (several times) so in the end I found the event's Facebook page and posted on there to tell Andy Mills I have his ticket.

Over a spot of rather late lunch I watched the first episode of the second season of "Dominion" which I'd recorded onto the SkyPlus box. I can't remember much about the first season of the show other than that I liked it. I woke up an hour after the program had finished playing so I re-started it and fell asleep again.
I shall give the second episode a go next week, but so far this second season isn't gripping me.

I could have done so much on this day off, but havinig spent so much time fast asleep the afternoon was mostly gone by the time "Upstairs Downstairs" came on the ITV Encore channel. And after an hour of Mrs Bridges being shocked at Ruby's news (she's gone to work in the munitions factory but will be bombed out in two episodes time) I went out to the garden and spent nearly an hour packing away camping gear.
I've now got three of the four wet tents (from last weekend) dried out and put away. Mind you the last one is huge and still *very* wet. I spread it out a bit and then realised I should have waited for "er indoors TM" to have come home to help with all the tent packing and shifting. My back *really* isn't what it once was.

I shall spend the evening watching telly and whinging that my back hurts. "er indoors TM" will like that...

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