11 July 2015 (Saturday) - Sunny Day

It transpired that when my brother-in-law went for a tiddle last night (he was camping ten yards up the hill from us) he left the tent open. Whilst he was out the fox came into their tent, ate seven of their scones, curled up and went to sleep on his sleeping bag.

Having been last to bed last night I seemed to be first one up this morning, and had a peaceful wash at 6.45am. Simon came to visit, everyone else got up and we got brekkie shortly before 10am. Some of our number went on a shopping run; others whinged about a broken flip-flop. The flip-flop in question had lasted for about a day. However what can one expect for only four quid?

I made myself a cheese roll, and went down to help with the kiddies workshop. I quite like helping at the kiddies workshop. We help the children make simple kites which they then fly. Some of the children are fun and I enjoy winding them up. Some are painfully shy, but eventually come round.
And some really do seem to be brain-dead...

The two hours on the workshop flew past, we were really busy. I then went back to camp to find Steve and Sarah had joined us for the afternoon. We got the parachute out again and played about with it, and then had some rather good fajitas for tea. Then as the light faded various friends joined us for a beer (or two).
Things became rather vague, and we staggered off to bed shortly after 1am after an impromptu astronomy session.

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