7 July 2015 (Tuesday) - New Shoes

I woke a little earlier than I had intended, so used the time to catch up with some telly. I watched last night's episode of "Dark Matter" over brekkie. It's rather entertaining but I can't help but feel I'd be better off watching the entire lot an episode a day. With a week betweeen each of the episodes I seem to forget who is who and what's been going on.

I set off to work rather earlier than usual; partly to miss the busiest traffic and partly to get to "Go Outdoors" before work. I made good time and I got to "Go Outdoors" before work only to find that they didn't actually open until after I start work. Woops.
With some time to spare I popped into Morrisons for a look-see. Yesterday I bought a five litre can of Hobgoblin for fourteen quid thinking it was a bargain. Five litres for fourteen quid works out to about £1.50 per pint which isn't especially a bargain. Particularly not when you bear in mind that I don't actually like Hobgoblin very much. The Badger brewery was actually doing eight bottles of better ale for eight quid... (You can tell I have a degree in mathematics!)
Once I've drunk this tin of Hobgoblin I shall buy some bottles. Or I might just chuck the tin away... I wonder if it's got any second-hand resale value?

As I drove about I was listening to the news on the car radio. There was talk about the tenth anniversary of the 7-7 bombings in London. And also talk about how the Islamic State crackpots are getting upset when they are called "Daesh"; apparently they are threatening to cut out the tongues of anyone who calls them that.
Why does the international community put up with such barbaric behaviour?

The results of the Greek referendum were also causing consternation.
Having spent weeks predicting disaster if the Greeks do decide not to repay their debts the Greeks have had a national referendum and have decided wholeheartedly not to repay their debts.
There were a whole load of so-called experts on the radio who were trying to make the enormous disaster not to appear quite so serious as it actually is. Apparently a debt is only a debt if you admit that it is one. From what I could work out there are moves afoot to pretend the Greeks don't actually owe anything like as much as they do.
Needless to say those owed the money aren't having any of it whilst others who also owe billions are hoping not to have to pay their debts either ...

I went in to work, and after a while came out again. As it was on the way home (almost) I went to the now-open "Go Outdoors". The walking shoes that "er indoors TM" had got me for my birthday leaked quite spectacularly at the weekend. I've have walking shoes from Cotton Traders and from Mountain Warehouse; both pairs leaked. I was hoping that "Go Outdoors" might have some walking shoes that might last a little longer. I'd had an email telling me they had a sale on so I thought I'd try my luck. I found some walking shoes which had been reduced from ninety quid to forty quid so I bought a pair. Let's see how they fare.

Once home I took "Furry Face TM" for a walk and nearly had a fight. I wasn't really watching where I was walking in Bowens Field, and some fat oik cycling along a footpath that he shouldn't have been cycling on nearly mowed me down. He'd seen me before I saw him and he'd skidded to avoid me. He started ranting at me (every other word was "F") and I was't taking any of his lip. The more I told him that whatever he said didn't change the fact he was wrong the more aggressive he became. After ten minutes I got a bit cross myself and told him "either smack me in the gob or f*ck off, f*ckface".
He f*cked off. Which in retrospect was probably for the best.

Usually on a Tuesday the clans gathered. But a combination of "Operation Stack" and an outbreak of "the two bob bits" in Folkestone put paid to that idea so we had a quiet evening in. A bit of scoff, a bottle of plonk, "Humans" and "Yonderland" on the telly. Can't be bad...

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