5 July 2015 (Sunday) - Rain, Geo-Munzee Meet

I spent half an hour last night laying in bed silently cursing whosever it was that was noisily running their car engine outside my bedroom window at 3am. Eventually I got up to tell them to be quiet only to find the noise was coming from the fan I'd set running earler. Woops!
The heat of the night stopped me getting properly back to sleep. I got up shortly before 7am and spent a little while programming "Hannah" for the day's geo-mission whilst watching Patrick Troughton's Doctor Who rummaging about in the tombs of the cybermen.

We set off for the traditional Sunday walk despite the rain. Part of me wanted to cancel today's walk, but so often early rain doesn't continue. Four of us and two small dogs met up at Ridley in North Kent. We togged up in our waterproofs and marched off in search of tupperware in the wet.
We had a good walk. Some easy finds; some tricky ones. A rather serious tree climb too. It was a rather good walk and after an hour or so the rain stopped. It actually became rather warm. So much so that I was wishing I'd brought my back-pack along so I could stick my coat into it.

We'd thought the walk would take about three hours; it actually took a little longer. We said goodbye to Aleta and after lunch we drove on to Maidstone where the sat-nav utterly failed us. There was a geo-meet planned for the afternoon in Mote Park. I set the sat-nav to the published parking area and (for no apparent reason) the sat nav tried to navigate us along the paths that cross Mote Park. We eventually found a car park more through luck than judgement (even though it was half a mile from where we were supposed to be) and walked. We were only an hour late, but we finally found where we were supposed to be.

Today's geo-meet was unlike any other I've been to. It was a joint meet with the Munzee community. For those of my loyal readers who've never encountered them before Munzees are two-dimensional bar codes for which you go hunting. To the uninitiated there doesn't seen to be a lot of difference between hunting out a sandwich box or a bar code. butt having hunted both I can confidently say that hunting Munzees is on the dull side.
But the sun had come out; it was a glorious afternoon. And fortunately we met up with fellow hunters of tupperware and had a little geo-mission round Mote Park until it was time to make our way home; "er indoors TM" had to get back for bowling.

Being left "home alone" I devoured my sausage and chips and had an evening of domestic trivia. Washing up, sorting underwear, washing and drying wet muddy coats and trousers from today's walk.
As I domestically trivialled I had the telly on. I started off watching something I'd recorded onto the SkyPlus box. Desppite an all-star cast "The Importance of Being Ernest" was rubbish. I turned it off after only half an hour. "The History of Mr Polly" was better; however it was marred by my prejudice against the star Lee Evans.
"Sense and Sensibility" is on in a bit. Let's hope that's better...

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