15 July 2015 (Wednesday) - Busy Day Off

Over brekkie I did the geo-admin which I didn't do last night. Far be it from me to expose the hidden mysteries of hunting tupperware to the masses, but suffice it to say that there is a lot more farting about involved with logging Earthcaches and virtuals than there is with traditional lumps of tupperware.
I was pleasently surprised to find that after the abysmal start to my geo-mission yesterday I'd gone to London hoping to find a dozen targets and I actually came away with eleven successes.

I then had a look on social media. Nice words had been said about the random photos I took in London yesterday, and there was a shitstorm flying on Twitter. I rarely twit; I really shouldn't, and probably won't much more.
Having slobbed about long enough I decided to get on and do stuff. Usually the day after a weekend away is spent tidying and recovering. Yesterday I had my impromptu day in the wicked city, so today was to be the day of work I put laundry into the washing machine, got a wet tent over the washing line and took "Furry Face TM" for a walk.

I had hoped for a decent walk out to Singleton Lake; just as we left home the drizzle started. By the time we got to Bowens Field we were soaked. My dog didn't seem bothered so we kept going. The rain eased up, and started again, and eased up and started again. After half an hour I cut the walk short even though the rain had stopped; I was wet through. Narrowly avoiding OrangeHead (and only one hanger-on) we cut through the Chinese garden and came home.
The tent I'd hung out to dry was as wet as when I'd hung it out, but I took a chance and put out the laundry I'd washed whilst we were out. I put another load in to scrub and then phoned EE to complain.

Last week I'd got a free power pack from EE with a promise that if I used the thing to the point of exhausting it I could pop in to any EE store and swap it for a fully charged one. Yesterday when in London I'd exhausted the charger by the early afternoon. As I wandered round London I passed several EE stores. Each one was very dismisive of my request to swap the charger for a charged one; none of them actually bother charging the returned empty chargers. Apparentlythey were all too busy to mess around.
After a little farting around today I finally got through to "Richard" who actually did seem interested and he said he's kick some arse.
I also posted on their Facebook page. They replied to say it was down to the managers of the individula stores.

I intented only to be on the phone for a few minutes; I hung up just as the washload finished. I got that lot out and put in some shirts to wash then had a bite of early lunch whilst watching the episode of "Dark Matter" I'd recorded yesterday. I then got the shirts ironed and brought in a dry tent from the washing line and put out a wet one. I then re-laced my new walking boots. Why do shoes always come with the laces put in the most stupid way? With boots laced I wore them for a little until "er indoors TM" came home and we then went out for a little walk round Little Chart Forstal.

It was a lovely evening for a walk. My new boots show promise. And I've only got two tents left to dry out...

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