16 July 2015 (Thursday) - Having A Whinge

I did a little survey on Facebook this morning. Apparently I should be a Quaker. From what the survey said they seem to be a likeable bunch, and I will need to find a new outlet if and when I jack it all in with the astro club.
I then got a little bit cross. Several people were posting on Facebook about the proposed overturning of the ban on foxhunting. They were all pushing a website where you can find out where your MP stands on the subject. It amazed me how so many people posting this website were so vocal about voting Conservative recently and are now so surprised to find that pretty much all of the MPs voting to overturn the ban are Conservative ones.
Everyone seemed keen to try to pretend that this isn't a party political issue and is in no way connected with anyone's having voted for the wrong candidate a month or so again.
Does no one actually examine what the candidates views are before voting them in? Don't people understand what voting is all about? We don't tell a prospective MP what we want and he then changes his mind to suit us. We don't vote for the obvious winner and then find we don't agree with a thing he says.
We choose between several people trying to find the one with whom we have some empathy.

I then rather hurt my back struggling to get my tent onto the washing line to dry off. It was as well "er indoors TM" was there to help me. I then put on my new boots and took my dog for a walk. As we walked there was a rather pretty woodpecker just sitting on the path. I got my phone out, lined up the photograph and just as I clicked so "Furry Face TM" chased the bird away.
Iy was shortly after that when we met a young mother with a gaggle of children. My dog started sniffing the bum of their dog. One young girl loudly announced "that means they are friends" and immediately started sniffing the bum of a nearby small child.

Once home I remembered someone's monthly flea treatment; it was only four days late. And braving "Operation Stack" I set off to see my Grandson before work. Yesterday "Operation Stack" had the motorway closed for over thirty miles from Maidstone to Folkestone. Today it was clear. as I drove I was listening to some amazing feature on the radio about Body Integrity Identity Disorder in which people want bits of their bodies to be removed. There's a lump in my neck I'd be glad to be rid of, but in this condition people actually want healthy limbs removed. There was an interview with some woman who'd been pretty much doing nothing except grumbling about her leg for years. Having finally persuaded surgeons to chop it off below the knee she'd taken up ski-ing and sky-diving and has a whole new lease of life. It turns out this is a recognised medical condition; there really are people who are mentally better off having had arms and legs removed.

I got to Folkestone in really good time, and spent a little while playing with littlun. He has more toys than sense but his favourite ones are the dog food bowl and the broom.
He was nearly sick on his Grandad, and then I set off to work (via a geocache which has been there for eleven years). As I drove my piss boiled. There was a feature interviewing male teachers of teenagers who felt uncomfortable with their female charges. They weren't at all happy with the way that young girls are coming to school dressed more to be going out on the pull in night clubs than to be going to school. I could sympathise with their feeling of unease. However the radio presenter then wheeled on a "Professor of Gender" (!) who told the teachers that they should be ashamed of themselves for being so discriminatory. This crackpot went on to say that if the male teachers actually found the girls attractive then they (the teachers) were no better than wild beasts. And she added that if they (the teachers) had any shred of a moral compass they would start fancying the young lads in their care as well. To do otherwise would be sexist.
To quote Richard Littlejohn "You couldn't make it up". I would laugh... but there is far too much of this kind of bollox in society. More and more it is actually being taken seriously by people who are allowed to vote and do jury service and have an opinion which counts.

I got to work and did my bit despite a nagging ongoing backache which lasted all day. When I came home and looked at the tent on the washing line I sighed. Fortunately for my back that tent was still a little damp. I shall have another look at it tomorrow.
Hopefully I won't be whinging quite so much then...

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