19 July 2015 (Sunday) - A Day Asleep

Yesterday I was chatting with a friend about the wrongs of the world, and was told that the Health Secretary had been talking sense. At the risk of appearing cynical it is something of a novelty for a politician to be doing that, so last night during a tea break I looked up what he'd said.
Basically he's calling for a 24/7 hospital service in which health care professionals are expected to provide a round-the-clock service. My piss boiled at that. Doesn't this chap realise that people in hospitals are already working every hour God sends? Mind you I suppose that as a politician he's being rather clever. The general public have no idea what goes on in hospitals. If the Minister for Health declares that staff are going to have to work round the clock and then (a few weeks later) makes some big announcement about having implemented his plan no one's going to be any the wiser that hospitals have actually been working round the clock for years.
Interestingly a Twitter campaign has been launched using the hashtag #IminworkJeremy in which health care professionals post selfies of themselves during the night shift to show the Health Secretary that they actually are at work at night.
I did something simular a few years ago just to prove I was working at night and found myself subject to disciplinary action for doing so. I wonder if the hashtagers will simularly get an arse-kicking. I must just squeal them up...

I did my night shift, and came home through rather heavy rain. As I drove I listened to the church service on the radio. I gave it ten minutes then turned it off. It was awful.
Once home I waved goodbye to "er indoors TM" and "Furry Face TM" who went out concealing (as opposed to hunting) tupperware and I settled in front of the telly to watch Peter Davison's Doctor Who having a fracas with Daleks. I soon lost interest, it was dull.
I went to bed, slept like a log, and after five hours again woke to the terrible clanging of next door's piano playing.

Over a spot of tea I watched another black and white episode of "Dad's Army" that I'd not seen before, and now I'm off to work again. I quite like the night shifts but days spent asleep are rather dull.

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