10 July 2015 (Friday) - Off to Brighton

With less than an hour to go, one of those supposed to be coming away for the weekend with us cried off. So with no need for a pick-up, once the Folkestone contingent arrived we made really good time to Brighton. As we drove I listened to a memory stick of dire music; I got as far as "B".
We made our way to our usual place up the hill at Stanmer Park; some of those staying the weekend in their caravans were already there. Despite being a bod down we got our campsite up in very good time, and were soon having a bottle of ale with (for) lunch.

There was talk of going for a crafty geo-stroll. As I had already found most of the local geo-stuff I stayed at camp and had a little kip until Terry and Irene arrived.
Soon the geo-contingent returned, and being at a kite festival we played kites. We got the parachute out and played silly beggars with it. And then we played with Jimbo's NASA. It is ages since we last played with the big kites. We really should get them out more often.

We had a rather good goulash for tea, and in a novel break with tradition I wasn't on washing up duty. Dave came to visit and we drank beer, whisky, rum and even Kazak Vodka (which is not for the faint-hearted). We converted our multi-tasking camping table into a cheese table and scoffed some rather good cheeses. We sat chatting; I lay down on one of the benches. As I laid there so a fox appeared and came up and sniffed me. He was only a few inches away; as I turned round so foxy wandered off.

We moved all the makings of brekkie into the back of my car before we went to bed....

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