31 July 2015 (Friday) - Another Busy Day

I slept like a log last night; finally waking shortly before 9am. Over brekkie I had a look on line to see if 'd missed much whilst I'd been sleeping. The local motorway is now open London-bound. Which is better than it was, but would still be causing huge traffic problems. Apparently the Prime Minister is chairing crisis talks about the problems in Calais which are causing these delays on the motorway. The news reports say that the Army is on standby. However these reports didn't say what they were on standby for. Bearing in mind the problems are caused by thousands of refugees fleeing a war zone, whatever the Army is asked to do has got to be worse for the refugees than facing a war zone to make these people turn round.

I had a Facebook message from Jennifer Shepherd who said "Hello Dave and Cath, How are you both, and the doggies? Life here is fine, but the damp weather is not doing our joints much good. Our first week here was great, but now the weather is really awful. We have been out visiting our friends. Harvey and Sophie took us to IKEA last Sunday, it was very interesting, we bought a couple of bits, but I think it is more for the youngsters, I have the time of the flights here for you Dave, departure time 17.00 and arrival time 20.45pm. Hope that it is still ok for you to pick us up. Will say goodnight, and we both look forward to seeing you on Monday 10th August. Lots of love Charles and Jennie XXX "
I can't help but wonder where I am supposed to be picking them up from, or indeed wonder who Jennifer Shepherd actually is.

By the time I'd scoffed my toast it was 10am. Seeing we had another fine day I went into the garden and got busy. Lawns don't mow themselves. I also mucked out the fish pond filter. They don't muck themselves out either. It has been a little while since I did that and it is a job best done when *I* choose to do it rather than waiting until the thing blocks up with pond scum.
Over lunch I watched "Toddlers and Tiaras". "Alyssia" (aged three) looked quite obscene, and her ambition was listed as "wanting to get potty trained".

The Rear Admiral then called, and we took "Furry Face TM" for a little geo-stroll round Bethersden. It was a sunny afternoon, and an hour's walk went down very well. We then came home and with the arrival of Stevey we went for McDinner. MsDinner went down very well and seeing how we had time to spare after a visit to the Tesco CashPoint we had a frappucino and cake in Costa.

And so to Astro club. I wasn't going to go to Astro club tonight; my heart wasn't in it. To be honest it hasn't been for the last few months. But seeing how I'd been told the meeting was going to be somewhat lacking in committee members, and with two hours to go I was asked to be prepared to step in for a possibly absent speaker I was convinced to put in an appearence.
Was I glad I went? Well, I like meeting up with friends. But as for the club itself.... Perhaps my mood wasn't helped by the phenomemal guts ache that the evening's pig-out had induced.
Let's just say that for all that I'm the treasurer and have been a member since the very first meeting, I really don't feel part of what's going on any more.
As I drove home I had such a strong feeling that I wouldn't ever drive out of that car park again...

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