30 July 2015 (Thursday) - Traffic Chaos

I woke about two hours earlier than intended, and I lay awake sulking about what might have been today.
Some months ago I had a vague plan that today would be day five of an eighty-one mile hiking/camping extravaganza but I didn't get myself organised in time. So the backup plan was that today would be day five at the national geocaching megaa-event, but again I didn't get myself organised in time. The third plan was a family day with "My Boy TM" but he was called into work. The fourth plan (visit "Daddies Little Angel TM") and fifth plan (geocaching in Blackheath) both were kiboshed by "Operation Stack" so found myself at something of a loose end.

I brekkied, got washing on the line, put the lead onto "Furry Face TM" and scrounged a lift with "er indoors TM" to her work. I then took my dog for a little walk exploring North Ashford, and we came home walking past several traffic jams. I took a few photos of our walk if only to show that parts of Ashford are quite scenic and to prove to those who've not seen it what a pain Operation Stack can be.

Once home I put another wash load in, sorted the astro club's accounts and then took several hundred quid to the bank. I had this plan to treat myself to a chocolate eclair milkshake from the Chill Time Milkshake Bar. I got there to find the slowest assistant in the histroy of shop assistants who was painfully trying to serve six rather thick children (and two thicker parents); each of which was struggling to read (out loud) the menu. After ten minutes none of the thickies had got past the first of the six boards listing the various milk shakes on offer.
I gave up and set off home. As I walked I had yet another call on my mobile from Wiiiiiiiinstooooooon from "First Solutions". Wiiiiiiiinstooooooon got surprisingly aggressive when I reminded him that I had already told him to piss off three times so far this week.

I got home, got all the washing off of the line and started ironing it all. As I ironed i watched an episode of "Dominion". A week or so ago I mentioned that this second season was rather dull. Today's episode was an improvement on what had gone before. After "Dominion" I watched "Upstairs Downstairs". The war was finally over, but Hazel succumbed to the Spanish Flu.
It was probably rather sad, but I knew it was coming. Have I ever mentioned I've seen all the episodes before?

Brian called round to collect some bits and bobs left over from last weeekend. We got chatting. Over the years we've chatted about so many things. Today we were discussing Brian's recent retirement and my hopes for early retirement. and then we had one of those moments when we both suddenly realised we were old.
And talking of being old, as I sat watching telly my heart had a funny five minutes in which I felt it beating but nothing seemed to be happening. A rather odd sensation; I do hope it's not about to pack up...

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