13 July 2015 (Monday) - Home Again

Last night at 11pm I was falling asleep when I wanted to be having fun with friends. I woke at 2.30am and with nothing going on lay awake for the rest of the night. I heard someone go for a tiddle (and a fart) at 5am. I'm not sure who it was, but I have my suspicions.
The weather forecast had predicted dry overnight with rain starting at 6am. I heard the rain start falling on the tent at 5.57am. Another bunch camping down the hill from us must have heard the same weather forecast; I heard them taking their tents down the moment dawn broke. They were long gone by 6am; but their tents would still have been wet with the morning dew.

One of the worst things that can happen when camping is rain when you are taking the camp down. That happened today. Despite my fervent hoping for things to be different, the tents were soaked but they had to come down. We worked hard, got everything packed and got the cars loaded up, said our goodbyes and were off the site shortly after mid day.

We made good time getting home. I arrived home shortly after Cheryl had delivered "Furry Face TM" back home; he too had had a holiday this weekend.
And once home we then spent a little while (three hours) putting the camping gear away. I managed to get the toilet tent and the banners on to the washing line this afternoon and then spent a little while posting up blog entries and photos from the weekend to the Internet.

After an hour in the wind the banners and toilet tent were dry, so I put them in the shed (I will put them away properly in the week) and put out the carpet to our tent as that was damp. I then put loads of stuff into the dishwasher and washing machine and set them doing their things whilst we had a rather good bit of scoff. Just as "er indoors TM" set off bowling I got the (now dry) tent carpet in. There is still a lot to be dried off during the next day or so (even if the weather forecast is against it) but I'd rather not do it overnight. I then emptied dishwasher and washing machine and gave them both more to chew on and put the telly on.
There was quite a lot of stuff on the SkyPlus box to catch up on; I watched it with a rather soppy dog crashed out by my side.
Much as I do like going camping there's no denying I do get rather homesick; and I certainly miss this silly little dog...

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