25 July 2015 (Saturday) - Garden Party

During last night's night shift I had a tea break in the early hours and I checked out what I had been missing on social media. There had been seriously heavy rain overnight, and Facebook was alive with comments grumbling about "typical British weather". Oh my piss boiled. Thursday had been a glorious day. Last weekend had been wonderful. There have been so many good days over the last few weeks, but it only takes a speck of rain to make everyone forget the good weather.
I also saw I'd missed something. Amazingly I didn't realise it was the Canterbury Beer Festival yesterday and today. In years gone by this has been a major event in my annual calendar; this year the thing completely slipped my mind.

I also checked out the news a little later in the night. Apparently the United Nations have decreed that the smacking of children in the home must be banned. It transpires that smacking an unruly child contravenes its human rights.
Both fruits of my loins had good hidings when I felt it was appropriate. In one case it worked; in the other it was water off a duck's back. But I will say that it's been my experience that there are two types of people who advocate against corporal punishment for children; those with no children of their own, and those with the most ill-behaved brats.

Bearing in mind the difficulties of getting across the county at the moment I came home from work via Folkestone where I collected "Daddies Little Angel TM" and her entourage. We came home and after a couple of hours kip i woke to find teh family all hard at work preparing for the afternoon's party. The weather turned out to be far better than expected; the home brew wasn't too shabby at all, "My Boy TM" did a wonderful job on the barby and I had an excellent time with probably about forty friends and family.
It all got rather vague towards the end.... And I forgot to take any photos.

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