22 July 2015 (Wednesday) - What's in a Name ?

I slept well, and over brekkie I checked my emails. The geocache I spent so long working on yesterday had recieved the official thumbs-down from the geo-feds. Mind you they'd listed it's specific failing, so after thirty seconds more effort I re-submitted it and it was live two minutes later. You can see the thing by clicking here.
Seeing the washing basket was overflowing I set the washing machine to do its thing and then took "Furry Face TM" for a little walk. As we went up Beaver Road there was a whole load of small children on the other side of the road on scooters and bikes. They seemed quite happy, but that is more than could be said for the mother running after them who was shrieking and shouting.
I can never understand this about parents. Scooters and bikes allow the children to travel faster than they would if they were walking. So if the parents want the children to stay with them, why do they allow them to take their scooters and bikes?
We had a "near miss" incident in Bowens Field. There was a squirrel minding its business on the grass. My dog set off in hot pursuit. The squirrel narrowly escaped up a tree, and as the squirrel turned round (clearly to gloat) it lost its footing and fell out of the tree landing inches from a rather surprised "Furry Face TM". Fortunately for all concerned the squirrel got back up the tree safely.

We came home; I put the washing on the line and put another load in to scrub. I checked out the Internet. Two people had solved the first part of my new puzzle cache. I'll be honest - that was two more than I was expecting.

I could have gone to Folkestone this morning to see the baby. But the motorway was again closed due to whatever nonsense the French are up to this time. Instead I messed about on the Internet until the second wash load was ready to hang out. I hung that out, gave myself a quick haircut, and out of interest I weighed my dog. He looks a bit thinner than he has been; according to the bathroom scales he's eight kilogrammes. That's three down on what he was. That can't be right. We shall walk round to use the vet's scales when I remember.

I went to work, did my bit, stayed an hour late (because that's the kind of guy I am), and on the way home tried to log into Facebook. Tried and failed. I've been on Facebook as "Manky Badger" since 2007. Someone squealed to the Facebook feds that a different name appears on official documents and I had the choice to change my name or quit Facebook. I know others feel differently but unlimited photo storage, instant communications and social media all for free is something I quite like. So I've put up the name I was born with. It's a cheap price to pay.
Mind you I'd like to know who squealed me up though...

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