9 October 2014 (Thursday) - Waiting

Despite a decent night's sleep I woke feeling rather restless; a nagging feeling that I had forgotten something important. I watched "Family Guy" over brekkie whilst my dog slept, and then I checked out the Internet. I had email. I have an email alert set up to tell me when new geocaches go live within thirty miles of home. Some had gone live this morning; but at twenty (ish) miles distant they were too far away to chase First to Finds. But they were the first to go live this month, and its the ninth of October today. It wasn't that long ago that it was unusual *not* to get one or more of these notification emails every day. Either the general public is losing interest in stashing sandwich boxes under rocks, or Kent is reaching saturation point.

I would have put the lead onto "Furry Face TM" and taken him for a walk right after brekkie, but I had a delivery from which I had to sit in and wait. That wasn't something that I could explain to a Patagonian Tripe-Hound, and as I watched the telly my little dog did whinge a little. We watched all sorts of drivel from the SkyPlus box. I washed laundry. I even put my collection of souvenir pint glasses (from ten years of beer festivals) through the dishwasher. The delivery was due at some stage between 9am and 1pm; the chap arrived with my new phone at 1.15pm, which was rather frustrating.

On activating the new phone immediately wanted to update all its on-board apps; all the ones I never use and don't want but don't dare delete. By the time I'd then downloaded apps for GMX, NeonGeo, AVG, Red Alert Screensaver and the Kindle book I was reading I really needed to get a bit of sleep prior to tonight's night shift.
I had to leave personalising the phone properly until another time.

In a change to what has gone before I set off to sax lesson. On a Thursday (!) This is the new time for sax lessons; it suits both me and teacher better. the lesson went well, and I then set off to the night shift. Via Morrisons where I found myself at the checkout behind someone who had bought twelve packets of Haribo Fangtastic and two bottles of whiskey... I wish I bought shopping like that.

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