28 October 2014 (Tuesday) - Tablets, Petrol

Yesterday I did something to my right shoulder. I don't know what, but it's still rather painful and it kept me awake for much of the night.
Unlike my little dog who was snoring when I opened his cage at 6am, and still hadn't stirred an hour later.

Over brekkie I watched more "Family Guy" and then started on a week's worth of medication prior to next Tuesday's planned surgical re-bore of my nose. I've got a week's worth of antibiotics to clear out any infections which might get a hold during the surgery, and I've got a week's worth of prednisolone. The stuff is a steroid; I wasn't keen on having it, but the surgeons think it will make the operation easier. We shall see.

Off to work a little earlier than usual; I needed petrol. As I drove the radio spouted the drivel I've come to know and love in the morning. The leading light behind the Space-X program likened potential artificial intelligences to biblical demons. Demons - in this day and age (!)
The chocolate manufacturer Cadbury announced they are stopping making chocolate coins because other firms can make the same thing cheaper. It's sad but true that the same can be said for pretty much everything that Cadbury makes. I wonder how long it will be before Cadbury goes the way of Rumbelows and Woolworths.:

I pulled in to the cheapo petrol station, parked up, stuck the petrol nozzle in my petrol tank, squeezed the trigger, and nothing happened. I looked around and everyone else was similarly failing to get any petrol. The woman behind the till in the kiosk was waving frantically at us punters. I waved back. After a few minutes she stomped out to the forecourt and ranted (at whoever was listening) about the till having crashed. One of my fellow customers offered to pay for his petrol in cash if that would help. This was a red rag to a bull as far as till-woman was concerned; she started raving and frothing at the mouth about peak time demands and the failings of the till's secure internet connection. I asked if the petrol station had any petrol. She shrieked that they had loads. So we all stood like lemons for a few minutes after which time till-woman coned off the entrance to the petrol station.
Before I could say anything another fellow customer sarcastically suggested that if she was actually shutting up shop she might like to actually tell us. As that chap and till-woman got into a fight I drove round to Sainsburys. Although the petrol was 0.1p per litre more expensive, they were actually selling the stuff. And despite having spent myself six pence more on petrol than I was expecting, I set off to work.

I did my bit at work, I blew into my saxophone at lunch time. I exchanged pleasantries with a passing normal person who seemed enthralled with the entire concept of playing saxophones in car parks. I suppose that (for some unlucky souls) it's not an everyday occurrence. And with my bit at work done I came home; turning down the geo-chance of a First to Find. As I drove home along the A28 I passed within a couple of hundred yards from a geocache which went live at 4.30pm. But it was along a footpath, and I wasn't going to mess about in the dark. It's bad enough walking "Furry Face TM" in the dark, and tonight's walk was only one of five minutes along well-lit pavements.

Being Tuesday we gatherered (at the Admiralty) to bandy insults and to watch the last episode of "The 100". It was watchable enough. I suspect the episode would have made more sense had I not slept through so many of the preceding ones...

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