4 October 2014 (Saturday) - Wedding Anniversary

I was up with the lark this morning. As usual. But for all that I seem to be in a routine of walking shortly after 5am these days, it's a great improvement on 3am which once it was, so I'm not complaining. I fussed my lttle dog and fed him my toast crusts as I watched "Revolution".

I had an email from Cotton Traders. Bearing in mind teh fiasco I had with their piss-poor walking shoes I'm rather loathe to get anything from their mail order service again. And looking at the email of bargaains I have to admit that I can get pretty much the same stuff (without the Cotton Traders logo) cheaper from Matalan.

I checked out social media. Facebook had wished me well for my wedding anniversary today. That was nice of them. I also saw that several people of my acquaintance were off to a "fun run" today at Hever Castle. I say "fun run" because that is the widely used phrase. But I have to question that phrase. Why do people go running for sport or for a hobby. Have you ever looked at any of these runners. They either look miserable, knackered or in pain. I have *never* seen one who actually appears to enjoy what they are doing.
This was particularly brought home to me when I took "Furry Face TM" for a walk round the park this morning. There were dozens of joggers; all with faces like smacked arses. Not a single one looked as though they were in any way remotely happy.

My mummy and daddy called, and we drove down to Folkestone where the tribe gathered to spend the day looking at the baby. The baby seemed pretty much oblivious of all the attention he was getting; alternately feeding and sleeping. I suppose it's a sign of the times that littlun had four great-grandparents present. I only met one of mine.
A few of us went for a quick walk to the harbour seafood stall; but it was raining and we got soaked.

With baby looked at we came home and had a rather good bit of dinner as we caught up with stuff on the SkyPlus box. And we had that bottle of plonk I'd got from Morrisons yesterday. Not too shabby...

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