19 October 2014 (Sunday) - Hucking

What with all the excitement of working yesterday it was gone 9pm before I got home last night. By the time I'd scoffed tea and fussed "Furry Face TM" it was getting on for midnight. I did snigger when "Furry Face TM" started chasing flies round the kitchen. A week ago he literally couldn't move; now he's a lot more sprightly.
Allowing for a quick nocturnal loo-trip I slept in until 9am, and was just the teensiest bit disappointed to wake up to rain. But by the time I'd got dressed the rain had stopped. I voomed up to the corner shop to get a loaf (we'd run out) and I saw something unusual. One of the normal people was walking his dog. Said dog had "dropped its load" and the normal person was clearing up the mess. Just lately I see so many people letting their dogs crap everywhere; it was good to see someone not leaving bombs behind.

We had brekkie, and then settled "Furry Face TM" into his cage. He's getting better but we're going to enforce his resting. We then rallied the troops and set off to Hucking for a short stroll. There was a minor hiccup when some of the troops announced they were already at the start point; I'd been rather vague about times; in retrospect I could have been rather more clear about the time we were leaving Ashford as opposed to the time we were starting walking.

But eventually we were all together for a little geo-stroll. Compared to some of the extravaganzas we've done over the summer, today's walk was rather tame. But it's been a little while since we've been out, and it never hurts to break ourselves in slowly. We set off with eleven geo-targets and hoped we might get one or two extras along the way. We ended up with seventeen finds and no DNFs ("Did Not Find" - it's a geo-thing).
The Hucking estate is a great place for a little stroll; leaving aside the wonderful name (it hucking well is called "Hucking"!) there were some wonderful views to be had. As we walked we found some rather good arty wood carvings including a living log, a shepherd, and a herd of pigs.
We also met some other geocachers too; Kim and Andy had mentioned that they thought they'd spotted a likely looking pair, and as we went round we met up (several times) with the "Otford Strollers". When you sign a geo-log you sign with your geo-pseudonym. There are so many wonderful names I've read over the years; it was good to finally put faces to one of the names today. Interestingly they recognised me immediately. Everyone always does; I wonder why?
We'd been advised to wear wellies today; it was as well that we did. The ground was *very* muddy. I was glad for the chance to test out my boots. The last time I wore my wellies I ended up pouring a pint of water out of them after that walk; today they didn't leak at all.
I took some photos whilst we were out. It's been a little while since I put up a Facebook album.

After a rather good bit of tea I settled down with my dog and we watched the League of Gentlemen film. In all honesty I was disappointed with it...

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