5 October 2014 (Sunday) - A Walk, Sax Practice

After a bit of a late night last night I slept right through until aafter 6am this morning. "Furry Face TM" was fast asleep as I watched the last episode of "Revolution". I say "last episode"; it was the last episode on the SkyPlus box. There's a whole second season to be watched somewhere. There's also a fourth season of "Game of Thrones" somewhere that I'd like to see as well.

With a little time on my hands I solved a geo-puzzle. This one is in the general vicinity of where I plan to be walking in a few days time (weather permitting). I also failed to solve half a dozen other geo-puzzles from the same area too. Maybe we might see them as we walk by; it wouldn't be the first time I've found geocaches by pot luck.

I then fiddled about with AVG's PC tune-up to see if I could get my lap-top to work a little better; the poor thing wasn't top of the range when I got it, and it is struggling more and more these days, with various windows freezing and not responding with annoying regularity. AVG's PC tune-up found several thousand problems which it offered to fix for me; and in a fit of foolish bravado I let it do its thing. Let's hope for the best here.

WIth laundry put on the line I spent an entertaining few minutes listening to the neighbours arguing. I say "arguing"; she was shrieking and he was shouting "I hate you". They do that a lot.
Mind you, for all that I sometimes wonder about the chap's state of mind and don't really like the way she publically blanks me, the two of them are a distinct improvement on the fundamentally evil pair who lived there before.

We then put the lead onto "Furry Face TM" and went for a little walk. Parking the car in the general vicinity of Bobbing (near Sittingbourne) we walked for about five miles round the "Fruitcake's Follies" series of geocaches. Some were easy to find, some tricky. One in particular was in an "unusual container" ; from the previous finder it was obvious what that container was. Interestingly the person writing the spoiler in his log hadn't actually signed to say he'd actually found the thing. As we walked "er indoors TM" scoffed chestnuts; in fact she was so intent on scoffing chestnuts she didn't realised she'd left her handbag at one of our stops.
It was a good little walk. I say "little"; at five miles it's probably more than many people would consider little; realistically me included at the moment. It's been several weeks since I last did what I would call a "decent" walk.
As always I took one or two photos of our walk.

We came home and had a cuppa. "My Boy TM" visited with a present for his old Dad. He brought me three French sticks. He'd found a bargain somewhere and remembered how much I like the stuff. He's a good lad.
I then had a little sax practice. My dog didn't like it very much.
And with a rather good bit of tea scoffed and "er indoors TM" off to lob bowling balls at unsuspecting pins I ironed shirts whilst watching "Jeeves and Wooster"...

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