8 October 2014 (Wednesday) - Wet, Broke...

I suppose its not really surprising that I slept quite well last night; woken only once by "er indoors TM" snoring. Over brekkie I watched "The Last Ship"; a post-apocalyptic drama about a microbiology lab on a US naval ship trying to make a cure to a worldwide plague. The first episode seemed watchable enough. I shall give it a go and see how it pans out.

My Ham Street Lover called shortly after 8am and we took "Furry Face TM" for a walk. Shorne Shenanigans is a series of forty geocaches laid out on two loops over some eight miles. The weather wasn't looking too good, but with the promise of it brightening up later we thought we might walk the series in reverse order doing the smaller loop first. If the weather didn't chirp up we could abandon the walk.
We set off into a rather bright looking morning but... what can I say?
To cut a long story short the weather didn't chirp up. It chirped down. I can't really remember ever having been wetter, and I've fallen in ponds and rivers. We had a good laugh, we found all the geocaches we set out to find, Steve even got one or two chestnuts, but there's no denying that the weather could have been better. It wasn't long before we were soaked to the skin. Even little "Furry Face TM" looked like a seal, and he was actually whinging and crying because he was so wet.
As is always the case we didn't get to the point where we needed to abandon until we were at the furthest point of the walk from the car. When we got back to the car we were sodden. I poured the water out of my boots (literally about a pint), wrapped a shivering dog in a towel, and we came home to warm up.

With "Furry Face TM" finally settled and happy I drove down to Folkestone to spend an hour or so with "Daddies Little Angel TM" and the baby. We all of us dozed for some of that time. After a while I came home; as I walked back to my car I was harangued for a fag by a passing scratter.
Before I drove off to come home I plugged my phone into the car charger to give it some juice; nothing happened. Once home I tried different batteries and different chargers. It seems to have lost the ability to charge its battery. I contacted the insurance people. The new phone arrives tomorrow...

We had a good bit of tea tonight, it was a shame that in the process of boiling up the scran the grill support in the cooker collapsed. I've had a go at bodging it back but whetever it is inside the cooker that the screw fits in to has gone. I shall see if I can get a slighttly fatter screw (oo-er!) or a new cooker.
Phone, cooker.. they say these things come in threes. i wonder what will be next.

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