24 October 2014 (Friday) - College Hotties

Over brekkie I watched an episode of "Family Guy". I've noticed that I've recorded too many episodes of that show in HD. That takes up an awful lot of space on my SkyPlus box. Whilst trying to find BBC Three in standard d (as opposed to HD) I discovered an amazing show. "College Hotties" features skimpily-lad vacuous bimbos waggling their charms at the camera. It was on the FilmOn.TV channel (Sky channel 237) at 6.30am. It passed an otherwise dull ten minutes but it has to be said that the plot is rather simplistic.

I set off to work a little earlier than I would normally (even though I was on the early shift). There had been developments on that geocache I'd whinged about yesterday. Overnight the thing had actually been put out. Seeing as I would be driving past it anyway I thought I'd have another go to try to find it.

As I drove through a rather damp morning I listened to the radio. Apparently an ex-tree hugger-hippie-ban-the-bomber has been awarded forty thousand pounds in damages from the Metropolitan Police. Over a two year period of spying on her and informing the authorities of her every movement, an undercover copper even had a child with this ex-animal rights activist to maintain his cover. I can see how the authorities need to keep an eye on the extremist fringe, but surely this was a bit excessive. Personally in his shoes I might have stretched to a mucky weekend away, but that would have been as far as I would have gone (given the chance)
There was also an interview with the leader of Plaid Cymru (the Welsh Nationalist party). She raised some quite interesting points. It would seem that in the aftermath of the Scottish independence debacle the Scots have got rather a good deal from the rest of the UK. In fact in many ways a better deal than the rest of the UK have got. The Welsh aren't at all happy about why the Scots should be treated better than the Welsh, English or Irish. She didn't *actually* say that the Welsh now all hate the Scots, but that was pretty much the gist of her rant. I thought that was rather an extreme position; just when we though the Union was sorted, all sorts of constitutional aggro would seem to be on the way.

I got the Canterbury, parked up, and went to have another look for that elusive geocache. According to the instructions I was to go to the designated place and listen. The instructions were rather vague about what I should be listening for, but I'm always game for this sort of thing.
I listened for fifteen minutes and heard the passing traffic and the occasional seagull. With time pressing I gave up, and logged on line that I'd drawn another blank.
By the time I'd driven to the works car park (three minutes) the chap who'd hidden that cache had logged that it "was stollen". A couple of hours later the same fellow archived it. What a complete waste of my time that had been.
There are those who would say that about tupperware-hunting in general; but that would be rather harsh.

I did my thing at work; by my own admission today I was "a blur of activity". I had to point that out to my colleagues who otherwise might not have noticed.
Lunch time sax practice was fun; in addition to "Goose on the Razzle" I had two new tunes to learn. At the moment "Amazing Grace" is just "Rather Mediocre Grace", and "Baker Street" is something of a disappointment. But I have a little while to work on them.

An early start made for an early finish, and we spent the evening feedning McDonalds to grandsons. Well, to the oldest one at least. The littun is still too small for McScoff. Mind you, at three weeks of age he's put on over a pound in weight since he was born...

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