17 October 2014 (Friday) - Goose on the Razzle

Again I slept until 6am. I like this; for me this really is a lie-in. I got up and my little dog was still asleep. He woke when he saw me and I tried to shush him, but he would insist on leaping up. With his bad back he should really be like me and get up slowly, but there is no reasoning with him. I took him out to the garden where he did his thing; fortunately (unlike last night) didn't try to chase any cats this time.
It's been suggested that "Furry Face TM" might benefit from seeing a canine chiropracter.... It's not that long since I would have ranted here about the entire concept of a "canine chiropracter". But he has an appointment with the vet tomorrow. We'll see what they say on the subject.

As I drove to work I noticed that petrol prices are nearly two pence per litre cheaper than I paid on Monday. A shame; I could have squandered that eighty pence I might have saved on vet bills. It's unusual for Morrisons to be beaten on petrol prices.
Talking of which, supermarkets were very much in the news today: a blind woman was ordered to get her guide dog out of a branch of Tescos, whilst two amorous young ladies have caused consternation (and complaints) by their snogging (each other) in Sainsbury's
Personally I wouldn't have a problem with either, but given the choice I know which I would rather have in my supermarket.

I got to work for the early shift, did my bit, and then at lunchtime I had a go at the new tunes I've been given to learn for this weeks saxophone homework. I can do a fair rendition of "The Drunken Sailor" but it could be faster. "Greensleeves" comes unstuck on the sharps in several places. But the tune which is new to me - "Goose on the Razzle" - really does sound like a goose which has been on the razzle. I can't honestly say I'm entirely sure what the tune of "Goose on the Razzle" should be, but I'm pretty sure I've not quite mastered it yet.

And finding myself home along (yet) again I spent the evening firstly ironing shirts and then fussing a small pup. Sometimes he seems to be perking up; other times he seems rather under the weather. I'm wondering what six weeks enforced rest will do...

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