3 October 2014 (Friday) - Forgetting the Late Shift

With all the excitement of the last day it's hardly surprising I slept well last night. Over brekkie I watched "Revolution". I've been somewhat disparaging about the show recently, but it's not bad really.

Off to work. It was a particularly foggy day today. As I drove I listened to the radio. The burning issue of the day would seem to be the Government's hopes to abolish the Human Rights Act.
Something which seriously boils my piss is the fact that more and more these days I seem to be in agreement with the Government. Whilst in theory the Human Rights Act is a vital and essential part of a decent society, in practice it is being abused and is nothing more than a shield for the despicable. There is something seriously wrong when murdering terrorists cannot be brought to just ice because doing so contravenes their "human rights".
And one of the bosses of the John Lewis firm has made a rather savage attack on the French; advising other businessmen not to invest in a country where "nothing works"
I'm no fan of the French, but even I though that was rather harsh.

I stopped off at Morrisons for some supplies. I bought their cheapo-jam which tastes exactly the same as their normal jam but is half the price. I suppose some prefer the snob value of not being seen to buy the cheapo-stuff. Me - I'm not proud.
I also got a half-price bottle of Merlot; usually a tenner, this was a fiver. I shall give it my sage opinion later.
Whilst there I saw that Morrisons have reduced their petrol prices since I got a tank-full yesterday. Mind you they are still more expensive than Ashford.

I got to work, and prepared to do my bit. But before I could do so I was met with amazement by my colleague. What was I doing at work so early?
I'd completely overlooked the fact I was on the late shift today. What with the excitement of getting away promptly yesterday to see the baby I'd not checked my shift. Woops.

So with three hours spare I went off round Canterbury on a geo-mission. There were three geocaches round Canterbury that I've looked for before and have been unable to find. With little else to do and nothing planned I thought I might try for these ones again.
The first one was one I'd been given a little (great big) hint about, and it wasn't where I was told it was supposed to be. I think it might well have gone missing. They do that.
The second was supposedly "inside a tree stump" but there was only one tree stump in the vicinity and I couldn't find anything inside that stump; nor could several previous searchers. Perhaps that one has gone walkabout too.
The third was one I'd twice before tried for; and this time it was glaringly obvious. How could I have missed that? I was sure it wasn't there last time.
On opening the thing and reading the log inside it was clear I hadn't missed it previously. With only one previous finder this cache had been placed two weeks ago either by the C.O. or by the only other person to have signed the log. But either way I've claimed it as a find.
Flushed with success I then went to look for a fourth cache. I'd been told this one was missing, and I would agree with that. I couldn't find it.

So with a couple of hours productively wasted I set off to work where I had a little sax practice before finally getting on with stuff rather later than I'd intended. I did my bit, saxed some more at lunch time, bit a bit more work, and came home some three hours later than planned. Consequently I had no time at all for visiting baby. I wasn't very pleased about that; but I have no one but myself to blame.

Once home I put the lead onto "Furry Face TM" and took him for a bit of a walk. As I walked I started to Ingress. Ingress was (for a couple of months) a silly bit of fun. I would periodically have a pop at what a local blue player was doing, and from time to time a local blue player would have a pop back. There was balance, and it was fun.
Not any more.
I looked at the play-map this evening as we walked. What was once green was now blue. Lots of blue. In fact hardly any green left at all. And the ubiquitous blue was of such high level that I wouldn't have a hope trying to play against it.
I met a blue Ingresser kicking the last dying breaths out of what I'd done over the last few weeks. Apparently there is an organised bunch of higher level blue players who delight in regularly meeting up and travelling to someone else's town to smash up (in the game) and take over.
Having ruined the fun of Ashfordians tonight they are apparently off to Ramsgate and Maidstone en-masse over the next week or so. It would seem that it's not enough that they should win. Everyone else has to lose, and be seen to lose.

I can remember teaching the cubs (aged eight) about good sportsmanship... I've deleted the game from my phone.

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