1 October 2014 (Wednesday) - Waiting

My mobile rang at 5.30am this morning. "Daddies Little Angel TM"'s waters had broken. I thought this was all rather exciting, but with a "been there, done that" shrug "er indoors TM" went back to kip for another hour or so.
I got up, fed toast crusts to my dog and watched the next episode of "Revolution". The series started well, but as time goes on I find myself questioning the show's plausibility. Like any sci-fi show one can go along with the patently unlikely scenarios if the characters are beleivable. But the leading protagonists have no consistency. One moment they have a firm moral compass; the next they are carboard cut-outs doing whatever makes for a simplistic plot. Having travelled miles to do right wrongs and stand up for the little guys, today our main hero is trying to create anthrax-bombs to unleash on an innocent public. Really?
But with only four episodes to go I shall see it out till the end.

Off to work... as I drove I tried to listen to the radio, but there was hardly anything of note. I got petrol this morning; working on the principle that with the littlun on the way I might be better off with a full fuel tank rather than an empty one.

I got to work, and did my bit. About mid morning I got the message that "Team Maternity" had decamped to the hospital. Not the one I was in; which was probably for the best.
At lunchtime I got the message that the entire labour process was on hold, and that "Team Maternity" was going home until things started happening again. I didn't get much saxing done at lunch time; I spent much of the time messaging here, there and thither

This evening's walk with "Furry Face TM" was interesting. We took his ball; and this time he wanted me to throw it for him (a few times). Every time he chased it he got the ball fine when it was still moving. When it stopped before he could get close he seemed to have trouble finding it; even though it has an internal light and it glows. I've often wondered if he has bad eyesight.

And then I got a message from "er indoors TM". Labour pains have started again, and she is back off to the hospital with "Daddies Little Angel TM".
I am reliably informed there are sausages in the freezer...

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