7 October 2014 (Tuesday) - After the Night Shift

I've not done a night shift for a while; I quite liked doing the night shift last night. The only real disadvantage was that I was coming home through the rush hour traffic. I might just have to look at planning a different route home for next time.

Once home I wasn't quite sure about how to organise my day, so faced with a rather enthusiastic dog I put the collar and lead onto "Furry Face TM" and took him for a little walk. We went down to Park Farm where I had a little look-see to check that my "Park Farm Pootle" series of geocaches were all OK.
They were.
Fortunately for my nerves today's walk was relatively uneventful. Fudge tried to "do his lipstick" to a boy dog ten times his size, we met a pug puppy, all very quiet really. Mind you I did have a wry smile as we came through Park Farm. As we walked along a pavement we heard a frantic shrieking. "Look out, look out" screamed a woman being dragged along the path at a gallop by a dog which was the size of the average Polar Bear. Why do people have dogs which are so large that they cannot control them.

As we walked along the new path from Park Farm to Asda we saw a familiar face, and I geo-chatted with Simon for a few minutes. We then came home via the pet shop, and after a little brekkie spent watching "The New Avengers" I took myself off to bed. I slept for three hours. I would have slept longer but, like yesterday, I was woken by someone asking about my alledgedly under-performing pension.

I got up; there's no denying I wasn't feeling especially lively. So I watched a film about the family life of a lesbian couple. It was billed as a comedy-drama. For all that it was entertaining enough there was precious little comedy about it. One of the actors looked incredibly familiar and I spent much of the film wondering what I'd seen him in. Having looked him up on the Internet I can only think I'm confusing him with someone else.

Martin called round, and we walked round to Romney Road where, once the clans had gathered, I stayed awake through another episode of "The 100". With only about seventy still surviving I have absolutely no idea what's going on. But an evening spent with old muckers is always good.
Our walk home brought us past the chip shop (by some odd coincidence). I was rather miffed to find it was closed...

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