10 October 2014 (Friday) - Poorly Pup

I expect things will change, but at the moment I quite like doing night shifts. I did my bit overnight, and with my bit done I then had my orders. A geo-pal had some chests of drawers that were surplus to requirements. The most recent fruit of my loins didn't have enough chests of drawers. I had the wherewithal to chauffeur chests of drawers around the county. From work it was a surprisingly short distance to Seasalter where I loaded up the larger two chests of drawers. I activated Google maps and was very surprised to find that Folkestone was a lot closer than I thought it was; I didn't realise that Seasalter is (almost) due north of Folkestone. I chauffered furniture to "Daddies Little Angel TM", got given brekkie, cuddled the littlun, and went back to Seasalter for the second consignment.
I didn't take those to Folkestone; they are in the back of my car still. For all that the journey from the north Kent coast to the south Kent coast was shorter than I thought; I'd still driven eighty miles more than I had been planning to do this morning.
I came home and found a very subdued dog still wrapped in the blanket that "er indoors TM" had wrapped him in earlier. He didn't get up to see me, he just looked at me. I fussed him a little, and took myself off to bed.

I slept for several hours, got up and thought I'd take "Furry Face TM" for a walk. Usually he goes mental at the sight of the lead, jumping and squeaking. He didn't this time; he just trudged over to me. As we walked he didn't pull once which is rather unlike him. He showed absolutely no interest in chasing his ball; when I threw it he sat down and looked at me. I noticed that despite being very warm he was shivering.

We went round to the vets. His temperature is OK, the vet says he is walking OK and there is nothing palpable in his tummy or his joints. There is nothing to which the vet can assign a malady name at the moment.
He is eating and drinking which is a good sign, especially in a dog which is very fussy about what he will eat. But he is periodically shivering and is clearly under the weather. Vet says it might be just a viral thing (the dog equivalent of a cold) or it might be the start of something else. Vet says to keep an eye on him. Vet didn't actually say I was over-reacting and clucking like a mother hen, but I got the impression he was thinking that.

Over a rather good bit of tea (mostly spent fussing a poorly dog) we caught up with more stuff recorded onto the SkyPlus box. Downton Abbey and the Great British Bake-Off. It was only a shame I'd already heard who won the bake-off on the radio last night...

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