6 October 2014 (Monday) - Chairs, Surveys

Surprisingly on a day with no burning need for me to be up early I managed to stay asleep until 7am. I may well have slept longer had I not woken myself by getting tangled in the hose of my CPAP device.
Having watched all of “Revolution”, over brekkie I watched “Extras” then took “Furry Face TMfor a walk. As we walked through the park we found a few dining chairs arranged al-fresco. They were broken and fit for the bin, but rather than putting them out for the dustmen, someone had taken the trouble to carry them round to the park to leave them there.

We met Hannah from the astro club as we walked by the lake; I reminded her that I was closing the astro club’s members’ survey this morning; she said she’d better get on with offering an opinion and she pulled out her mobile. Five minutes later my mobile pinged to tell me I’d received another survey response. Presumably hers.
I never fail to be amazed by the power of these little mobile phones.
As we reached the part of our walk furthest from home so the rain started. We strolled across the Singleton Environment Centre and it was there that we met another small dog. Fudge expressed his friendship by brandishing his lipstick as only a small boy-dog can. I wish he wouldn’t do that. We paid the vet good money to surgically stop that nonsense.
We came home through the top end of Stanhope where a rather delightful gentleman (who *could* have been mistaken for a scratter) was sitting on his doorstep having a fag. This fellow was actually sitting on the doorstep in a very loose dressing gown, with his “flowers and frolics” hanging out for all to see. How charming.

Once home “Furry Face TM “ took himself to his basket and went to sleep. I turned on the PC and activated SurveyMonkey. In late July I set up a survey to get people’s opinions about how the astro club is going, and how we might improve. Our survey said…. Well, I won’t publish the results here. I will say that in seventy days we had fifty responses; most (pretty much all) of which were positive and encouraging. Those who were less than gushing in their praise were those who had only ever attended occasionally; which is what you might expect.

I then took myself off to bed for the afternoon, and slept like a log until I was woken by a phone call from some twat whose records told him that I had a frozen pension. I told him that my records told me that he should stick his records up his arse. I found it very odd that I had to repeat this several times before he got the message.
Now being awake I got up (taking care to let a certain sleeping dog lie) and I went downstairs. I got out my sax; thinking that I might get a quick toot in. Unfortunately “Furry Face TM was also feeling musical and he came and sang along. Having seen the video I posted yesterday I’m not sure which of the two of us is worst.

I’m off to work now. Night shift….

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