26 October 2014 (Sunday) - Harbledown

I had a rather restless night, most of the night was spent wide awake and I was up far too early; I blame excessive amounts of various ales. Most people relish the clocks going back an hour; for me that just adds to the tedium.
Whilst vaguely making plans for next weekend I saw that there was to be a themed mega-meet of geocachers. Hundreds of people getting together in the Midlands for a Hallowe'en party. That looked to be a fun thing to do for next weekend; I was just on the point of putting the word out and seeing if there was any interest when I realised that this event is not planned for next Saturday. It happened yesterday. Woops!
Eventually the time passed, and over brekkie an email popped up. A new geocache. Initially I thought I would leave it to be something to do before tomorrow's late shift at work, but a relatively easily solved puzzle and little else to do meant that I was soon out of the house chasing a First to Find. I chased it; I got it. Happy dance and smug mode.

I came home, and after half an hour or so "er indoors TM" emerged from her pit. After a little pootling we set off on the day's walk. I *so* wanted to take my little dog, but for all that he seems to be on the mend he seems to be sleeping a lot more and a lot deeper than he ever used to. He is reluctant to go up the stairs, he won't jump onto sofas, and he yelped yesterday when picked up. His back is still not better, and so the enforced rest continues.

In a novel break with tradition I drove today; and having rallied the troops we drove out to Harbledown. Earlier in the week a series of twenty-something geocaches had been put out in a circuit round there, and today we went for a little stroll along that circuit and found the lot despite a few minor queries as to which way was left and which way was right.
As we walked we went through orchards, alongside the river, through swamps, underground, even into areas of low oxygen (!)... billed as about four miles we measured it to be five miles. We even met another gaggle of hunters of tupperware who recognised me. Everyone seems to recognise me; incognito doesn't seem to be something I can do especially well.
I remembered to take some photos whilst we were out as well...

We came home and made a fuss of "Furry Face TM". WIth a little time on my hands I organised a walk for next Sunday. If any of my loyal readers fancy joining a stroll round North Kent and have escaped a Facebook invite, just drop me a line and I'll send "when and where" details.
As I messed about on-line "The Grinch" was on the telly. Very unusually my little dog was watching the telly. He rarely shows any interest in the television, but he seemed entralled by this film.

With "er indoors TM" off bowling I set about the laundry. Half way through ironing shirts there was something of a disaster; my ironing board collapsed. After more years than I can remember the welding on the thing has finally given out. This ironing board is older than "My Boy TM" but has finally thrown in the towel.
I can't help but wonder from where it is that one purchases a new ironing board...

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