2 October 2014 (Thursday) - New Family Member

My phone beeped wih a message to wake me shortly after 3.30am; the littlun was born at 3.12am. I phoned my mother right away; I was under orders to do so as soon as I had news, and I did so. She was wide awake and had been sitting up all night waiting to hear. I messaged my brother and he replied right away; I guess he was awake too.
I did't get back to sleep after that, even though I tried. I gave up trying to sleep and watched telly until the first photos came through at 6am.

As I drove to work I listened to the radio. . The Prime Minister has recently announced that in the near future the general public will have access to GP surgeries until 8pm every night and at weekends too.
There was an interview with one of the leading lights in the Royal College of General Practitioners who explained that what with the preponderance of GPs coming up to retirement and an inability to recruit, surgeries will be closing due to lack of doctors rather than staying open later and longer. You'd think the Prime Minister would talk to people before committing them to the impossible, wouldn't you?
There was also talk of the latest battles in the Middle East, and about how the western world should negotioate rather than fight. I must admit I didn't pay attention. My mind wandered somewhat. Is it wrong of me to dismiss this news purely because it's not news and there is *always* fighting in the Middle East?

I got to work, parked up, and as I parked some prat wanted me to park elsewhere so he could do some obscure horticultural thing on the grounds nearby. I moved my car ten yards, and said prat wouldn't leave me alone; he kept bothering me with explanations about what he was doing, and he followed me for a couple of hundred yards making those explanations.
On the morning of the birth of a grandchild I had several phone calls to make. The last thing I needed was to be harangued by a gardener. After smiling sweetly, making excuses, and finally flatly telling him to piss off I just ignored him and made quite a few phone calls with this prat drivelling on in the background.

From work I went to the hospital to meet my new grandson....

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