20 October 2014 (Monday) - One Hundred FTFs

Having been gloating about how well I was sleeping last week I was again wide awake far too early this morning. The insides of my sinuses had swollen beyond belief; this promised surgical re-boring of my snout can't come quickly enough.
I came down and opened the gate of "Furry Face TM" 's cage; he carried on snoring. I did my morning routine, and over a spot of brekkie I saw a series of twenty-four geocaches had gone live quite near to work.
With my dog still on the resting list I had no morning dog walk to do. I did have a geo-plan already for the morning, but I scrapped that plan and thought I'd go chase some First to Finds. (The sadder ones among the geocaching community do that!)

As I drove the pundits on the radio were crucifying some twit from the Home Office. Anti-social behaviour orders (ASBSOs) are to be replaced with Criminal Behaviour Orders (CRIMBOs)
The experts being interviewed had very little confidence in the new CRIMBOs; they will be the same old piss in a different shaped bottle (apparently) and held in contempt by the majority of scratters and scumbags who fell foul of the old system and who currently feel it's actually clever to have an ASBO.

The radio show then featured an interview with Professor Brian Cox. Supposedly giving his views on the likelihood of meeting aliens, foxy-Coxy wittered on in a rather banal way without actually saying anything at all. He seems to be rather good at that.

Eventually I arrived in Harbledown. I popped on my wellies and set off on a little stroll. For various geo-reasons I needed to find seven geocaches today; having First to Finds was a rather nice bonus. The first one I found was about twenty-five yards away from where the GPS would have me believe, and the third one was especially tricky, but I got the seven caches that I needed. As luck would have it the last one was actually my one hundredth First to Find. Happy dance indeed.
I didn't really have enough time to do the entire series; and it's only fair to give others the chance of an FTF or two, so having gone entirely the wrong direction for half a mile or so I retraced my steps back to the car. I'll go find the rest another time.

Once de-booted I then set off to McDonalds for a celebratory McBrekkie, and then on to a surprisingly busy day at work.
Lunchtime sax practice went reasonably well. I'm quietly (noisily) confident with "Greensleeves", feel I can do something with "The Drunken Sailor" (oo-er!), and have all but given up with "Goose on the Razzle"...
I suspect most people give up with geese on the razzle.

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