9 October 2013 (Wednesday) - Badgers, News, Stuff

Having had some half-decent nights I was wide awake before 4am this morning. I got up at 4.30, and having done the washing up and my morning ablutions I put on a DVD. I've finished "Brideshead Revisited"; the next boxed set on my DVD shelf is "The Charmer" - based on a Patrick Hamilton novel of some years ago it stars Nigel Havers as a con man. Whilst what con men do is utterly despicable, there is a macabre fascination in watching how they do it.

Leaving everyone else fast asleep I set off to work. It's now rather dark when I leave for work at 6.30am. As I drove I listened to the news. Today there was talk of the badger cull.
Those who advocate culling badgers want an extension on the culling period; they claim they haven't culled enough. Those providing expert figures on the matter aren't so sure. Havng originally thought there was well over two thousand badgers in West Somerset, these so-called experts no feel that there might only have been just over one thousand of the creatures. It would seem that their original figure was an over-estimate of about one hundred per cent.
Perhaps all culling should stop immediately until such time as we can get accurate figures on the badger population; let alone realise that there is actually no scientific basis for the slaughter in the first place.

Another abject failure was epxposed in the government's border control software. Intended to keep tabs on who is entering and leaving the country, and supposed to keep known criminals out, the computers apparently only actually track two thirds of the people entering and leaving the UK. In fact some criminals who have been deported have flown straight back again and have not been picked up by the system.

With my piss suitably simmering I stopped off at Morrisons for some fruit for lunch. As always I wrestled with the self-service checkouts. Today I noticed something odd. The machines bore notices that they do not accept the two-pound coins. Punters should not put two-pound coins into them as they will just get rejected.
How is it then that this very machine gave me a two-pound coin in my change?

I did my bit at work and came home. I see I have finally got my geocaching event accepted by the powers that be, It took some doing to persuade the reviewer that an astronomical evening for the geocaching community was actually an activity for the geocaching community, and not something that would be taking place without them.
All that remains is for me to persuade the geocaching community to actually show up for it. Mind you I am pleased that the event is on. Actually counting as a geocache type I think I now am cache owner for six different sorts of geocache. I'm working on a seventh...

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