24 October 2013 (Thursday) - A Walk, and a Lazy Day

I felt rather rough this morning when I woke. Can’t imagine why. Once I would drink a gallon of ale and be fine the next day. Not any more. I got up, thought about having a shave, and went back to bed. I eventually arose just before 9am.

A swift brekkie, then I took “Furry Face TM “ round the block for a walk. We had a dodgy five minutes when he slipped the lead and ran across a busy road, but all was well. We came home and I spent a little while working on my presentation for tomorrow night, and then Lisa mentioned she’d like to do the Appledore Amble. Overnight the instructions had appeared for what to do with the clues I’d accumulated yesterday, so we set off to Appldore and did the same walk I did yesterday; but this time in reverse order.

This time we found the elusive bonus cache; and also cache #4 that I couldn’t find yesterday. This had been found for the first time this morning and it would seem that the co-ordinates I used yesterday were about one hundred metres adrift. Again it was a good walk; a certain small dog seemed to like it.

We came home and I spent more time on tomorrow night’s talk. Not as much as I might lilke to have done; I kept falling asleep. Once I woke I did this week's dino-course lectures. And got top marks. I was pleased about that.

And feeling rather tired I spent much of the evening watching tat on the telly. Today was something of a  lazy day.  quite like those from time to time..


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