8 October 2013 (Tuesday) - Manticores

er indoors TM" is not well. After a night's serious snoring she staggered off to work. She should have phoned in sick. Mind you I am the same; I rarely if ever take a day's sick leave whilst others will take a week off having farted twice in five minutes.

I couldn't beleive the morning's news. The BBC are planning to make a one-off Xmas special of that oild TV show "Open All Hours". If they do I shall put my foot through the screen and send the BBC the bill.
"Open All Hours" was an amazing show. Featuring some comic geniuses such as Ronnie Barker, Kathy Staff, Sir David Jason and Lynda Baron, it was amazing just how terrible that programme was. It was arguably the worst TV show ever made. It was simply not funny in any way, and how that tired predicable formula was dragged out for twelve years has always amazed me. When the show was finally axed in 1985 I for one breathed a sigh of relief.
I have already formally complained to the BBC. It's a shame that their automated reply said:

"Thank you for taking the time to send us your views. We appreciate all the feedback we receive as it plays an important role in helping to shape our decisions.
It isn't possible for us to respond individually to comments, so this is an automated message to let you know that we’ve read your feedback and will log the details (removing any personal details) so they can be reported back to the wider BBC, including programme makers, commissioning editors and senior management.
Thanks again for contacting the BBC.

Best wishes
BBC Audience Services."

I did laugh at the bit about " we’ve read your feedback" as their email arrived less than a second after I'd sent mine. Still, I suppose they must get loads of crackpots like me whinging at them.

"Furry Face TM" amazed me this morning. He is not a greedy dog, and is rarely (if ever) hungry before our morning's walk. Today he was in the kitchen asking for his brekkie before 8am. That was very unlike him. I wonder what that was all about. But he wanted his morning walk just the same. We went up past the sports centre and came home through Frog's Island. In a novel break with tradition we managed to avoid all traces of fox poo.

Home; where having mowed the lawn I hung out more ironing and did a little homework and this week's dino-course. All about the process of fossilisation. I learned loads and scored 80% for my troubles. I'm quite impressed with this dino-course. For a freebie it's really good.
er indoors TM" came home and despite her obvious suffering we went to the weekly gathering; this time in Arden Drive where Merlin was facing Manticores, screw-topped bottles and expanded foam props...

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  1. Its all a matter of opinion, I liked "Open All Hours". At least it was never as bad as "The Royal Family" or even worse "Early Doors"