10 October 2013 (Thursday) - Domestic Trivia

I woke early with no need to be up early. So I got up, had a shave and went back to bed where I fell into a very deep sleep and had a dream that I was being seriously savaged by my dog. It was so unnerving. Partly because I don’t think my dog would ever savage me, but mostly because it hurt. Physically. I really thought it was really happening because I could feel his teeth ripping into my right hand. I must have reacted strongly in my dream to this because I suddenly found myself sitting bolt upright in bed, nursing my right hand which now didn’t hurt at all. I’ve never felt pain in a dream before.
Needless to say I didn’t get back off to sleep after that little episode.

After a spot of brekkie I took "Furry Face TM" for a walk. We went down to Frog’s Island where we went here, there and thither before concealing my fourth Wherigo hide. Whilst we were out I saw that the sofa is still in the river. Someone has taken the trouble to turn the thing up the right way. I can’t help but wonder who is going to take a seat in the river, but what do I know?
We came home via the vets where the staff are coming to recognise us. The vet suggested that when we are out we might walk in to the surgery, sit for a bit and then go again just so FF gets the idea that the vets is just one of the places we regularly visit. The idea is that he won’t associate the place as being somewhere he goes only for injections and fingers up his bum.
As we walked we bumped into an old mucker. It was good to catch up – we should do that more often.

Home; where I then checked emails. One caught my eye; the life assurance I’d recently taken out wasn’t what I really needed. I had this idea that I should have a policy to pay for a funeral. That way I would feel justified in leaving instructions for when I croak. Funerals cost a fortune, and if I was paying for someone else’s one, I’d want to do it the way *I* wanted to do it. So I had this plan that if I was footing the bill I could call the shots. I will say what those shots are another time; I digress…
Anyway, it turned out that the policy I had would only cover me up to the age of eighty; if I lived past that age it wouldn’t pay out. That’s no good to me; I want a policy which will stump up regardless of when I go. I’ve got one now.

Another email made me chuckle. Yesterday I mentioned I’d organised a meet-up for geocachers. The event will be an evening’s stargazing. Today I had a message from a caching chap who cannot come to the evening, and asked me (in all seriousness) if I might reprise the event during daylight hours.

Yesterday I also mentioned that I was working on a seventh cache type. I spent a little while on that project today before lunch.
Over lunch I watched more of “The Charmer” and then tidied up a little, did the washing up, took out the recycling, hoovered (with a Dyson!) and then ironed eight shirts. I then spent some more time working on the presentation I’m giving to the astro club in a couple of weeks. It’s supposed to be a light hearted educational and informative lecture on comets. At the moment it’s more of a bigoted rant. I think it needs a little fine-tuning.

With er indoors TM" home we sat down and caught up with the goings-on at Downton Abbey. Shocking !!

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