11 October 2013 (Friday) - Stuff

Over brekkie I watched the last episode of my current DVD set - "The Charmer". Our anti-hero Ralph Gorse went too far today and got strung up. Literally. Which was probably for the best. I have always enjoyed "The Charmer"; I always thought it a shame that it only lasted for six episodes.
A sequel would have been good; but it's difficult to make a sequel when the main character has been killed. Having said that, they strung Blakes Seven out for two more years after Blake (apparently) croaked.

I then activated social media. Excellent news. Some of the missing Doctor Who episodes have turned up. For no adequately explored reason most of the original tapes of the Doctor Who episodes broadcast in the late 1960s have been deliberately destroyed. Occasionally odd copies turn up here and there.
A dozen episodes featuring Patrick Troughton have recently come to light in Nigeria; including the story of the Yeti in the London Underground.

And so to work. As I drove the news was all about the government's selling off of Royal Mail. I should have invested in that floatation. People who bought seven hundred and fifty quid's worth of stock yesterday were selling it for over a thousand quid this morning. Instant profit. Such a fast buck should really be criminal if it weren't for the fact that this is actually how our entire economic system works.
After the news was Desert Island Discs. Today's guest was someone who is apparently a high-flier in the business world. I'd never heard of her. I didn't hear all of the show, but what I did was frankly unbelievable. Her supposedly favourite music was little more than screeching, howling and wailing. Does anyone really like opera that much? Or do the sort of people who get to be interviewed on Desert Island Discs feel they shouldn't admit to liking the sort of music that us mere mortals enjoy. Does anyone actually enjoy opera?

I stopped off for a spot of shopping. Firstly in the Canterbury branch of "Pets at Home" where I got some dog food. For all that the stuff that I get delivered to the door is very cheap; "Furry Face TM" doesn't actually seem to like it very much. I am currently eking that stuff out by mixing it in with food that he does seem to like. Buying food cheaply only to have my dog not eat it is no economy.
And then I had a look in the Cheapo-Bargains shop. A little while ago I got a couple of bottles of half-decent plonk for a fiver from them. They hadn't got any left. I also thought that I would get some fireworks for the upcoming celebrations in Barnberry Close; they don't do fireworks. It was only when I arrived at work that I realised that I'd forgotten to pick up the tins of armpit-squirt; the very reason I'd actually gone to that shop in the first place.

I phoned the garage. The morning's post had a letter from Renault saying that the timing belt on the car needed replacing and they could do me a deal for several hundred quid. Their cut price bargain was still a lot of money so I thought I'd shop about. The garage I normally use couldn't get cheaper than twice the price of what the main dealer was quoting. They were very dubious about that price, and gave me a list of questions to ask the main dealer about exactly what would be replaced. As well as the cam belt, I had to ask about the auxiliary belt, tensioners and ever the phaser belt (!)
My usual garage were actually very good and were honest with me. they said that they couldn't compete with the price, and that they honestly thought that he main dealer must be doing this offer at a loss to themselves. And they were quite understanding when I told them I'd not be using them this time.

Once at work I did my bit, et parlet le Francais encore un fois. Le singe et l'oiseau est tous le amis n'est pas dans l'arbre aujourd'hui. Ils sont en vacances. Ils sont departe pour la plage. Il pleut sur la plage. Porquoi il pleut sur la plage? Parce que l'oiseau est un batard.
Having done my bit I came home through torrential rain. It rained for most of today. i wonder if that will stuff up the plans for the weekend...?

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