26 October 2013 (Saturrday) - Quack Quack (Oops!)

I awoke after a surprisingly good night's sleep to find it was 7am. I liked that. Whilst er indoors TM" snored I watched more "Earth 2". Frankenfurter was spreading discord, as is the wont of most baddies. He was doing quite well until True saw through his ruse. Interestingly the actor who plays True's father was the sergeant in "Starshp Troopers" and does the voice of Mr Krabs in SpongeBob SquarePants.
I then had a go at (or with) the astro club's accounts. This time they agreed. We have as much money as we are supposed to have. Probably a million and a half less than we need; but we are working on that.

We put on old clothes and set off to a certain farm. Over the summer during a camping weekend we helped get some duck houses out of ponds. These duck houses have since been cleaned, varnished, proofed and generally refurbished and were ready fo re-floating. There was a minr hiccup when the tractor wouldn't start, but fortunately there was an emergency back-up tractor on hand to provide a bump start. Having provided a bump start we had problems findng neutral (such is life!) so we reverted to the emergency back-up tractor to drag duck houses to ponds. Mud, cow poo, smelly pond water, rancid ropes; I love doing the duck houses. I've been involved with floating and retrieving them for years and wouldn't miss it for anything. I'm told that "Dreadnaught" (the latest duck at the farm) is particularly pleased with the floating of his house.

We came home, and after hosing the mud and cow poo off of "Furry Face TM" we had coffe and a Belgian bun for lunch. I was tempted to got for a McDonalds; in years gone by I would have done so. In years gone by I was nearly twenty stone in weight.
er indoors TM" then had a hissy fit. Whilst out this morning she'd taken some rather scenic photos of me and a small dog both covered in assorted farmyard gunge. Fiddling with her phone over coffee she managed to delete the photos. Woops!

Lacking any decent waterproofs er indoors TM" wanted to get some. She went to the Outlet Centre. For want of anything better to do I went along too. I've not been to the Outlet Centre for ages; and it will be ages before I go again. The shops there sell stuff that you can buy in Tescos or Asda for a fraction of the price. I saw one wooden child's toy for sale at twenty quid which was identical in every respect to something I saw last week for sale for six quid in the Cheapo Bargains shop in Wincheap.
I have long maintained that designer outlets appeal to people who have money to burn, and have again proved my prejudice. Mind you judging by the crowds there seem to be a lot of peoople with money to burn.

Finding myself at a loose end I thought I'd get ahead with my dino-course. I watched three lectures on how continental drift has confused dino-ologists, and then got full marks on the subject. I was rather smug about that. I then put Candy Crush Saga on the PC and slept in front of it for an hour. And then I had a stroke of genius. It's always easier to iron shirts when they are wet straight out of the washing machine. So with er indoors TM" off to the film night I put shirts in to wash.
The washing machine is still going. It shows no sign of stopping. I think it's gone mental...

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