16 October 2013 (Wednesday) - Skint

I don't like getting up whilst its still dark outside; preferring it to be light. Our bedroom curtains aren't thick and so if I get up when I would like to get up, I can see what I am doing. I got up after dawn this morning, but it was very odd. The room had a distinct reddish hue. I looked out of the windows and the sky was red. Very distinctly red. Within ten minutes it had gone back to it's usual self, but I can't help but wonder what that was all about.

A quick bite of brekkie, and I drove round to Tyreweb for two new front tyres. The nice took one look at the car, pulled out his wotsit, had a poke, and told me I didn't need two new tyres. I needed four. And I needed the wheel alignment sorting as well. I went in expecting to spend about a hundred quid; I came spending over three hundred.
A few days ago I received a letter offering me a new cam belt for under four hundred quid; I ended up spending over thirteen hundred quid on that car. Oh well, what is money for if not to squander foolishly.

Whilst out I popped into Tesco if for no other reason than to save a trip to Morrisons tomorrow. I got tomorrow's lunch. I had intended to get a new pair of trousers, but that was one economy I could make right away. And then I went on to Home Plus, or "Hopeless" as it sounds on its adverts on local radio. They sell fireworks, and I got a rather huge rocket for an upcoming firework extravaganza.

I then came home, put the washing on, and whilst that was cooking I took "Furry Face TM" for a walk round the park. We didn't go for much of a walk; we would have gone a lot further but the forecast rain came an hour or so earlier than forecast. So we cut short out wander and came home. I then spent a couple of hours ironing whilst watching a film I'd recorded last night. "Sirens" was billed as a film about a young vicar and his wife being shocked by the immorality of an Australian artist. Starring Hugh Grant it was thinly veiled smut. Much like most art really.

Lunch, and I got a little ahead with my on-line dinosaur course. I did next week's lectures and got eighty per cent in the test. i was rather pleased with that. And then more laundry. Sorting undercrackers whilst watching something I'd recorded onto the SkyPlus box a while ago. The Mill is a period drama about life in a nineteenth century Lancashire cotton mill. I quite liked it. And with undercrackers sorted I sat on the sofa and watched the second episode with a small dog asleep on my lap. It would have been good to have gone out for a walk with said small dog, but the rain was still against us.
As we watched the telly, next door clanged their piano and strangled their violin. For all that they practice regularly (and practice lots) they don't show any signs of improvement whatsoever.

er indoors TM" came home and boiled up a rather good bit of scran for tea. I then slipped off out for an hour or so. Astro club committee. The Ashford International Science Centre (or something) is becoming more and more a practical proposition.
I came home to find I was in serious trub. er indoors TM" 's favourite jumper didn't survive my attempts at laundering it...

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