30 October 2013 (Wednesday) - Crocodile

Yesterday morning as I scoffed my toast and watched the telly the stars of "Earth 2" were dying for lack of water. In this morning's episode they were camped next to a rather large river. No one commented on this; least of all my dog who was intent on eating the crusts of my toast.

Winter is officially here as for the first time I had to scrape the ice off of my car's windscreen. I say "scrape" - it's nothing that pouring a bottle of cold water can't shift. But it is still cold.
As I drove to work I felt rather sorry for the boss of the power company Eon. He'd been daft enough to come on to the radio to be interviewed, and the interviewers weren't especially kind to him. Bearing in mind his company is one of the few not to have announced a serious price rise I thought they were somewhat mean to the poor chap. However like everyone else in the power business, he was utterly unable to explain how anyone can actually physically change electricity or gas supplier when the stuff you use comes down the same cables and pipes (you just pay someone else).
The morning's news also featured an interview with Chas and Dave who have (apparently) now been a double act for fifty years. Personally I prefer the dulcet (and ruder) toner of Ivor Biggun, but I have never been known for my musical bent.

I stopped off in the Cheapo Bargains shop as I had a few minutes spare. Last night "Furry Face TM" didn't eat his tea. I had flashbacks of the last time he was off his food. But he wasn't ill this time. He was just being fussy. he's not too keenon tinned dog food. Last night when he thought no one was looking he would quietly scoff some of the dog food he was pretending to ignore. He just didn't like it as much as he likes sardines. You wouldn't have thought that a dog would like sardines, but Patagonian Tripe Hounds are not your average mutt.
I thought I'd see how much the sardines were in the Cheapo Bargains shop. I expected, or at least hoped, that the Cheapo Bargains shop would live up to its name. It didn't. Their sardines were eleven pence per tin more expensive than Morrisons. It pays to shop about.
Last week I saw they were selling USB speakers. I quite liked the idea of having one; I saw the price. Twenty quid. I thought better of that idea.

And so to work where the burning question of the day was "Would you rather be a crocodile-sized fish, or a fish-sized crocodile".
For those of my loyal readership who cannot spot the blindingly obvious I will merely say that there is a correct answer and a clearly stupid answer.
I will not insult anyone's intelligence by pointing out which is which.

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