29 October 2013 (Tuesday) - More Rude Songs

I didn't wake until 4am today. With the clocks having gone back, a week ago that would have been 3am. I see this as something of a result.
Over brekkie I shared my toast with my dog and watched the latest antics of the colonists on Earth 2. Like most television programmes the plot doesn't stand up to any serious scrutiny, but it is entertaining nonetheless. Today our heroes were after water; it was in short supply in the desert where they were doing their thing.

With the clocks having gone back it was light when I set off to work. It won't be for much longer, but I am grateful for what daylight there is. As I drove I listened to the radio as always. There was consternation at the beleaguered industrial plant at Grangemouth where the unions seem to be hell-bent on destroying everyone's livelihood in the name of silly politics. This morning's news featured the revelation that union officials at the plant had been spending a lot of their time on party political issues. The only real surprise in this snippet of news is that it is considered newsworthy. When I was a union representative twenty-odd years ago I can distinctly remember going to a meeting of representatives in London and finding that out of twenty or so people in the meeting I was one of only three who wasn't an active Labour party councillor with much higher political aspirations.

My journey to work was rather quicker than usual today for no reason that I could see. Some days the journey takes only twenty five minutes; other days the trip is nearly double that time with no apparent diffence in road conditions.
I did my bit at work and came home. As I drove home the radio was dribbling about the increased deaths in recreational drug users. There were various theories being expounded by the pundits, but rather than listening to prudish righteous indignation I turned the radio off and sang along to rude songs sung by Ivor Biggun. I've looked him up on Wikipedia. Apparently he's still playing the pub circuit in Suffolk. I wonder if I might organise a trip out to see him playing?

Home - where the clans had gathered. More Merlin. I do like the show, but I'm not sure I can take the King seriously. The actor playing the King was the Prime Minister in "Little Britain", and is currently playing the lead sad-act in the especially lame "You, Me and Them". If you've not seen this show yet, don't feel that you should watch it. It's gone to one episode so far, and for me that is more than enough.

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