5 October 2013 (Saturday) - London

I woke at 2.30am, and bearing in mind the relative success I had the other night I got up and had a shave. I then pootled for a bit and went back to bed and slepth through until I was woken by my alarm. I can't remember the last time I was woken by an alarm. I would like to think that this is a success of doing something in the night and going back to bed. However I suspect that this is just related to by being under the weather with this flu jab.

We got up, and it wasn't long before the doorbell rang. The Folkestonians had arrived and we made our way to the railway station where we met up with the rest of our party. Eight of us set off to London on the Javelin. The plans for the day were rather fluid, and fluid was the watchword of the day. We started off at the Natural History Museum in the dinosaur galleries which suited me fine. This fitted in very well with the course I am currently doing about dinosaurs. We then went into the gardens to do the Earthcache, and then thought we might have a pint of lunch.

What a good idea that was(!) A pint of lunch. We asked the nice lady on the museum door where the nearest pub was. She said it was just up the road. So we went up the road. And krpt going. We found a pub just over a mile and a half up the road.
We took the tube back to the museums. We came the scenic way having taken the wrong train and having ended up in Earls Court,

In the afternoon we went round the science museum. I say "museum"; many of the exhibits were things I once owned. We also had fun playing with a futuristic toilet game. And then leaving some of our party we went on to follow others of our party. We made our way to Leicester Square's Brewmaster pub for a couple of pints before walking over the road to the Bear and Staff for a couple more pints. Whilst here we played "Spot the Lesbian" (there were several) and we cheered the dancing drunkards until the rest of our party arrived.

We then made our way into Leicester Square for dinner at Ed's Diner (very tasty) and having scoffed some really good scoff we perused the saucier shops.before sleeping all the way home.

A day out in London doesn't come cheap, but it's always a good day. Must do it again...

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